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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 5-October-2001  13:09:03 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Spoke to Gateway yesterday, they say they ran out of speakers so I could either have the 2.1 instead of the 4.1 I ordered (with no discount) or cancel my order. So I cancelled my order. Of course, it'll take them 2 weeks to do the refund to my credit card, but they had no problem with charging the card before shipping the goods. Fiiiine.

Cypher points out this Abandonware Supporters group.. abandonware being (usually) games that have long since been abandoned by their makers but still have supporters/players.

If you were one of the many people who got sucked into The Great OCAU Bridge Builder Craze of 2001, you'll no doubt be thrilled to hear from Matex that Pontifex, the sequel to Bridge Builder, is now available. Freeware demo, full version is $20 (presumably USD).

Might want to bring your own drinks if you ever go to one of this guy's parties. Jones was convicted for introducing bodily fluids into the soft drinks of various employees.. very Fight Club.

Apparently Microsoft will be giving free virus advice and making it easier for people to update their software with security patches, thanks Sniper1G. Previously, corporate customers had to pay Microsoft to get their virus-related questions answered and were required to check the company's websites regularly for any updates.

PCHardware.ro's server died last night so many people would have been unable to see their 22-unit cooler roundup. Those things are a heap of work so if you missed it, check it out now. Our own 21-way roundup is still right here. ExtremeOC have a comparo of 5 coolers too. If you're after more cooler reviews, try a wander through CaseJunkiez's CoolerDB.

Dan has compared 6 water blocks.

A very nice modded case project over on Bit-Tech.

LaserBay case-moddin' wotsit on AtlantaOC.
OptiUPS on ClubOC.
Lian Li Ex-10 Media Port on Icrontic.
LinkSys Wireless Networking on SourceMag.
Dynatron Model 0 copper socket cooler on Gideontech.
Skyhawks Aluminium Case on Accelenation. We checked out an earlier model here.
Creative GF2 GTS on OCPrices, our review here, Ultra version here.
Microsoft "Plus" Pack for WinXP on Icrontic.

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