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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 7-October-2001  21:40:40 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

I have had an incredibly huge weekend. Saturday night was a mate's 21st birthday party (happy birthday Rippa!), and someone brought along a rather serious piece of beer machinery that creates problems the next morning when you use it. Lots of Panadol getting used this morning.. and lots of greasy food being eaten. Big congrats go out to Mark Skaife for winning Bathurst, a nyer to Craig Lowndes for borking it.

This weekend saw a huge amount of LANning happening around the country, with QGL, MPU and Shafted all happening simultaneously. I sadly missed out on the action due to work and other social commitments, but a lot of OCAU people went along, and I'm sure as soon as they get some sleep they'll have some good words to say.

Joe from Ireland pointed out this lobby group campaigning against their national telco monopoly's rollout of an ADSL service.. with, you guessed it, a 3Gb cap. Don't they seem to be all the rage these days.. Making them worse than Telstra tho, is an AUD$200/month price tag for this "service". Feel lucky.

The need for seti crunchers is about to get higher.. news is that they're widening the band of spectrum they analyse in the search for extra-terrestrial life. Of course, if Seti isn't your thing we're always happy for you to run folding!

OCIA have investigated probably one of the most dodgy case mods I've seen in a while.. applying Contact to the side of your PC. Remember that sticky stuff with patterns on it you used to cover your books in during primary school? That was always impossible to do without getting creases in it? Yep, that stuff. On the side of your case. Eww.

Stuey points out this preview of the upcoming Radeon 8500 card over on Anandtech.. Be good once it's here, competition is always good in a capitalist society.

OCMoJo has a nice guide to rack mounting gear.. Which is a pretty neat way of packing a lot of processing power into a small amount of space. Sure, it's not cheap, it's not even close to cheap, but I doubt the guy next door has a rack.

AcidHardware have a P4X266 shootout happening, which is a good thing to see.. we weren’t sure if we'd even see many P4X266 boards due to the licensing mess surrounding the chipset.

Finally, Daniel pointed out that there are some new dets out for some nVidia video card action. 21.85.

Feeling unwell, bed.

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