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Monday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-October-2001  14:04:55 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sabz0r pointed out that TinySoftware have a personal firewall product that is free for home use. I'm running it now and it has already warned me of a few interesting probes to my PC, which I blocked. You'd have to be mad to not run a firewall of some kind if you're connected to the net a lot these days and now you have no excuse..

There always seems to be a lot of PCDB activity after big LANning weekends. People borrowing digicams at LAN's? Anyway, neato fanbus from pSyren, case cooling a la Nissan Patrol air-filter from Jester, bright flashy things inside a nicely finished case from SimonFearbyAUS and a cool-looking gold case with window-and-neon modded monitor from Astro1.

CaseJunkiez have checked out the sexy-looking Enermax CS-688-AL aluminium midtower case.

John noticed this Federal court case in Australia. Sony has started a case against a guy for making a mod-chip for the Playstation. The ACCC has been permitted to file a statement with the court (amicus curiae brief - friend of the court statement) to clarify what the anti-circumvention sections of the Copyright Act mean. Sony opposed it because the ACCC appears to be in favour of the defendant (Stevens).

Prepare your mind for boggling like it's never boggled before: Dan from DansData is now selling tshirts, mugs and other trinkets with, among other things, The Face Of Dan on them. Maybe we should get some made up with some silly images from OCAU's past: The Agg Witch Project, or OCAU Will Not Bow To Any Sponsors (white really isn't my colour) or maybe even Power Ranger Agg.. hmm, maybe not. :)

Trevor sent word of this Snowy Ride, great ride in the snowy mountains, in support of childrens cancer research and the chance to win $20,000 worth of honda motorbike! Cool, I could sell it and get one of these. :) I won't be going on that ride due to other commitments. I'll be riding though, that day should be the last day of my Motorcycle Instructor course.

Ever wanted to build a black light? Now you can. I can't wait for next week's "building a black hole" article.

Mr Bill says your phone number is copyrighted.

There's a new spy satellite that can resolve to 10cm on the surface, apparently, thanks Wokket.. who also knows why everything tastes like chicken, how OCAU would look in Pokemon and that a Finnish city is Finished with Windows due to restrictive licensing from MS.

Perspex Kit and Dual Slim Neons on 8Balls.
Cordless Mouseman Optical on TweakMax.. they don't like it.
Rounded SCSI Cables on VyW.

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