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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-October-2001  22:06:54 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

My post yesterday seems to be worded a bit.. strangely. I wasn't feeling too well when I wrote it (from some certain pictures I'm sure you can tell why), so I've come to the hypothesis that I don't write the news too well after extended drinking sessions. However, in the spirit of proper scientific conclusions I intend to test the null hypothesis under a repeated set of controlled conditions to come to a proper conclusion. MMMmmm, beer.

New VIA 4in1 drivers are out, man. 4.34 FINAL is the version number, and there are lots of other places you can get them from too. For those not in the know, VIA 4in1's are essential chipset drivers for all VIA-chipset-based motherboards for Win9X/2K. They really should of been built into the core operating system (they are in WindowsXP), but they aren't, so get em and watch your VIA board work how it really should.

Digit-Life have a massive 3D roundup for September happening.. if you're not the type of person that refreshes the news page several times a day in search of fresh news this might make for a good read, otherwise you've probably seen it all before. Incidentally, if you are one of the F5-maniacs I normally let everyone in #overclockers know when the news is up once it's done, so that's the place to be.

If you like pictures, and I mean a lot of pictures, then Bit-Tech has a picture-full review of the ClearPC ATX chassis.. which is clear. Of course, clear things are usually hard to photograph so you've got to wonder why they took sooo many photos, but it's a cool product nevertheless.

Big Phat coolers over on Icrontic.. Alpha 8045 gut to gut with a Swiftech MC462. When we're using coolers that big it really is a sign that processors are getting hot. Really hot. I'll be interested to see how much more efficient the AthlonXP core really is.

Matthew pointed out that a lot of Compaq notebooks have had their AC adaptor recalled. Apparently it's been on the TV and radio a bit of late.. although, Life Support, 9PM Monday's on SBS is quality aussie viewing.

There is a new Kanie heatsink out, and it looks a lot like the Super Dual that we reviewed eons ago, except it's made out of copper and has two screaming 7,000rpm fans strapped to it. Review is here on AMDmb.

Tom pointed out that LiveWare! 3 for Windows XP is out, downloadable from here.

Plextor have a new burner out to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of the competition. 24/10/40 is a fairly damn quick drive, especially for a burner. Incidentally, up until I read this Dan's review I wasn't aware of the fact that all of the speedy CD-R/W drives these days use CAV, which is the same technology that gives us 54X CDROM drives that make a loud noise and send your data nowhere (kind of like rice, really).

It's Monday. That means ZZZ Online. But it's not just any Monday, it's the 100th Monday that ZZZ Online has been released. Congrats guys.

That's about it for tonight. On a different note, I'm sure there are a lot of reviews that we miss. If you're one of the infidels that reads other tech sites, and you reckon they put out good reviews but for some strange reason they don't find their way onto our news page be sure to let me know of the sites URL, and I'll see what I can do about having their reviews on the news page.

Heatsink Roundup Part 2 on MikhailTech.
Fortis Heatsinks on OCnz.
ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon on SerialAddiction.

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