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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 11-October-2001  00:34:10 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Well, I didn't get any email concerning reviews that we're missing.. so either you're all not infidels who read other tech sites, or we manage to post all the interesting reviews from the web. They both sound good to me, so hey, I'm not complaining :)

Beset pointed out this article talking about an overload of traffic created on the internet during the S11/WTC tragedy.. indeed, I was merrily chatting away on #overclockers when the event happened, and the first place I went (after the TV) was www.cnn.com.. mmm, server-overloaded goodness. slashdot was one of the few sites to survive through the overload, and through tools like google's caching system you where able to find ways around it.. but the Internet now is definitely not the redundant distributed computer network it's founders intended.

Digital-Monk is doing his bit to aid in procrastination, as is DMband. something that I have been partaking in all afternoon.

More AthlonXP goodness on Radeonic and CPU Review.. and, that's it. Odd, I thought there'd be more than that. I even set my sentence up for a whole bunch of em. Oh well, too late now.

Accelenation has previewed the IWill XP333 board.. which is a fairly interesting concept. Go and have a read, but the short and curlies of it is that IWill asked OC'ers what they wanted in a motherboard and gave it to them.. custom PCI/AGP dividers and all. Very very impressive stuff from IWill there.. it uses the new ALi Magik A1 stepping as well, meaning that it is speedy++. If this comes in at the right price point it's going to be a very interesting board to watch. Supports a 200MHz DDR (400MHz effective) memory clock too. Very swanky.

Baba pointed out that rumours are true, PowerLeap will be releasing a FCPGA2 to Slot-1 converter allowing you to use Tualatin processors in your Slot 1 board.. cool. Very cool, in fact. Tualatin doesn’t seem half bad, if you can ignore the price impediment Intel has given it.

Sniper pointed that AMD is throwing some heavy punches as the processor wars heat up.. I think it was over on HardOCP that I read what AMD needs is a marketing slogan "my MHz whopped your GHz's arse". Yes indeed they do.

Finally, d00bie pointed out that The Prodigy, New Order and The Crystal Method will be at BDO this year.. and for all those that are claustrophobic, no, Limp Bizkit have crawled back under the rock from which they emerged, taking numerous 14yo camo-pant wearing fools with them.

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