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Friday Midnightish (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 12-October-2001  23:51:40 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

MMMMmmm, starting work at 9am on a Saturday. Gotta love it.

The founder of SysOpt has started himself a new site, after selling out his old one during the dotcom boom. TechIMO.com is the URL, and as the sharp ones amongst us have probably guessed, it's Tech.. in his opinion. SysOpt was good, I'm expecting more of the same.

Eeep, bad news concerning KT7A motherboards and Palomino's.. some board rev's donít like 'em. Apparently rev1.1 and rev1.2, the two most popular revisions have trouble finding the right microcode and freeze. Hopefully a fix is just a BIOS flash away..

Hmm, bad news on the eStore front.. Rob wrote in with a bit of a rant about what's happening.. yet I was reading in yesterday's Australian that orders placed with retailer will be neither filled nor refunded. Yowch.. bye bye estore. Of course, if you payed by credit card you can always request a charge-back from your card company, one of the benefits of signing your life away I spoze..

Great news for anyone with a NT 4.0 MCSE.. MS has decided to let you keep it. They had previously planned to 'retire' this certification, meaning it'd be worthless in a few months. Apparently they've found new worth in it tho, and it's going to stay on along with a new certification called MCSA.. MS Certified System's Administrator. More news from MS here.

Zia pointed out that a new version of the Microsoft IntelliPoint software for MS mice has been released.. 4.01 is the version number, and it brings WinXP support with it.. unsure what else is new tho.

Scott and d00bie pointed out a new Nokia phone getting ready to hit our shores.. the new 5 series phone, the 5510. Quite cool in my opinion.. shame you cant change the covers, but you can't argue with 64Mb RAM, inbuilt MP3 decoder and encoder, FM receiver and a proper QWERTY keyboard.

Finally this evening, Accelenation have a review of the new MSI KT266A board, the K7T266 Pro2-RU. KT266 take number two for MSI: have they got it right? With USB 2.0 onboard, and an Aus release date sometime this month make this board one to watch..

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