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Saturday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 13-October-2001  20:25:53 (GMT +10) - by Agg

An interesting bit of news over the last few days is that fellow Aussie hardware site TweakTown have opened a shop where you can pick up the high-performance goodies you read about.

ComputerSource Magazine have checked out Linux and WindowsXP, finding more similarities than you might expect. Except that only one, of course, is free.

ProCooling have a guide to Picking a PSU for your high-performance AMD-based PC. They can be fairly picky about their power requirements..

Garrie sent word of this GF3 watercooling system.. some preview info on GotApex.

Brisbane gaming site LANSmash have a few pics from the recent launch of WinXP and MS's Wireless Intellimouse.

LivePC have the second part of their "How to Build a Home Network" video posted. Here's part three too.

From Greg, an amazing PowerLeap upgrade kit which seems to be almost an entire socket370 PC on a card that slots into an ISA slot. The problem with this kind of system historically has always been the cost - hopefully PowerLeap can keep the cost for this unit down.

From Zia: This site posts links of latest drivers/firmwares/bios's, on a daily basis. Also this site has new primware for all sorts of CD, DVD, CDRW, and combo drives. Including most region free firmware updates!

A little more info on Intel's BBUL cpu packaging.. which might allow future CPU's to contain one billion transistors.. thanks Skeg.

Speaking of a billion, that's approximately how many people told us that there are new DetonatorXP v21.83 drivers available from NVIDIA. From Volnhar: I know that alot of people have been having trouble with the 21.83 and .85's when used under XP and the Geoforce2mx Cards. I have downloaded and all of my problems have gone. Of course, despite being called DetonatorXP, they are also available for operating systems other than WinXP, just like AthlonXP's work with other operating systems than WinXP too. Marketing people have a lot to answer for.

Coney is organising a group buy in the forums, of Mega Mite chipset coolers from the USA.

The future of privacy has taken a serious hit today with the approval of an anti-terrorism bill in the United States which allows much greater use of surveillance.

Here's an interesting article suggesting a possible explanation for ghost phenomena.

3DSpotlight want to tell you how to install Windows.

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