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Saturday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 28-August-2004  07:24:24 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

While Agg and the other newsmonkeys are off playing in the snow, I'll have a dig into the news box and see what I can find...

Fudo is the supposed name for the up coming graphics chip from ATI. Also known as the R520, some of the specs have become available. You can read more about it here. Thanks for the headsup Chris.

How to protect and backup your crucial data? Have a read over at The Tech Zone to find out. Death, taxes and dead hard-drives are the things in life we cannot avoid.

Dan thinks he has some good ideas on how to upgrade your machine the sensible way. He just might be right.

At TweakTown you will find an nVidia nForce3 250 Socket 754 motherboard roundup for those in the market for a new mobo.

OC Workbench have a go at overclocking the inexpensive TBred-B Duron to 2.5GHz. "She's gonna blow..."

X-bit Labs dig through the hype and try to work out just which is The best CPU for DoomIII. I'd say a fast one.

Adrian has updated his Graphics Card Comparison Guide. "With over 190 desktop graphics cards, this comprehensive comparison allows you to easily compare 14 different specifications for each and every card".

The Tech Zone have a five way Portable Color Printer Comparison. Small easy to carry printers. Who would have guessed!

Hardcoreware have a play with three mobile bluetooth headsets from Logitech, DFI and Bluetake.

If you've ever found yourself stuck with that nasty piece of spyware called "Hotbar", Martin at IANAG has some useful info that will help you remove it.

Overclockers Cafe have a short article comparing DDR to DDR2 in a direct apples to apples comparison with all other factors being equal.

Hexus have published the final chapter of Jo Shields' guide to Free and Open Source Software. Part 3 contains some of the tweaks and more advanced tasks that you might want to perform under the Linux Operating System.

Some news from Looktall, that a virus for 64bit Windows has been found. "The virus, dubbed W64.Shruggle by Symantec, seems mainly to be an experiment to test the concept of a 64-bit infector and is not actively spread."

Several people sent this link in. It seems that holes are showing up in Windows SP2. It was never going to take very long of course, but I thought it would be at least another week or so. Read more here.

I guess the 64bit and SP2 security holes are something that the folks at "Norman Data Defense Systems" would be interested in. 3DVelocity have an Interview with them.

Glenn sends work of a new LAN event happening in Sydney called 'Vigil'. 11th Sept 10:00am to 12th Sept 12:00pm. Itís the second event to be help by tlegion. Check it out.

I gotta gets me one of these things! "There's just something wonderfully visceral and cathartic about making things fly through the air and smash into the ground. That's why I started a quest for my very own siege engine."

Thatís about it for now, though there should be some more news later in the day...I hope. :)

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