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Monday Night / Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-October-2001  00:30:34 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

MMMMMmmmm, the new forums are flying along.. we hit 251 simultaneous users tonight, only for the box to disappear into oblivion soon after. Oh well, you get that... It's back to life now, so get busy!

A b-i-g Happy Birthday! to TheGibbon, err, I mean Dr Alby. Happy birthday dude ;)

Jeremy from SilverProp has posted pics of a new radiator they have coming out soon.. actually, it came out today. No, yesterday. Heh. Anyway, it looks fairly serious, it is long enough to support three 92mm fans side-by side, which is pretty big. Definitely for the enthusiast, but there will be large (and cool) rewards for anyone who invests.

More hardcore water-cooling is over on Duckman's page, with the FrankenCooler Part II, a rather serious water cooling experiment.. Nice mahogany case there as well.. if you're reading this Duckman you (and everyone else that matter) should add your case (or their case, if such the case) to our PCDB which has been getting a bit of traffic the past few days.

Bit-Tech have taken case-modding to where it has never really been before.. the monitor.. they've cut holes, added windows and added neons.. and it looks pretty damn good, I must admit. I don't know what sort of possibly negative effects that can have on your monitor's picture, but it does look cool. Of course, they are just playing catch-up to us (gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat), Astro1 put pics of his monitor window in the PCDB a few weeks ago.

Well, it's Monday, well, it was just recently. You know what that means, I'm sure ZZZ Online lovin'.

OCnz have managed to have a chat with GlobalWin, the big hs/f manufacturer (duh). It points toward copper being the stable of heatsink design for the foreseeable future, as they believe aluminium has reached it's limits with the 2GHz+ CPU's of today. Indeed, today's 1.4GHz Thunderbirds pump out a lot more heat than ye 'ole Cyrix PR200+ that we enjoy attributing as the cause of global warming.

ViaHardware has some interesting news regarding VIA's P4X266 chipset.. you know.. the one that hasn't been getting good support from manufacturers because Intel put the pressure on? Well, if you had a barn-storming chipset that you reckon has a good chance of grabbing a fair share of the market, but isn't due to a technicality, what would you do? Do it yourself? VIA has.. and not just one board, but several. It'll be interesting to see how these perform, as no one should know the chipset better than VIA themselves.

AMD has released a swag of new AthlonMP processors today, and with it they bring the stupid PR rating stuff. Tech-Report has a review here. I'm a bit disappointed with this, I thought they'd assume the target audience for AthlonMP would be smart enough to figure out there is more to processing power than MHz.. obviously we're all stupid. It's in all the same "rating"/clock speed configurations as the AthlonXP, with the only difference being it's certified for MP operation.

I'm sure a lot of you have a HPT370 RAID controller on your motherboard. For all that do, new drivers are out here for all 32bit MS operating systems. 2.0.1008 is the version if that helps.

Finally tonight, Rick was the first one to send in news from Whirlpool that the 3Gb cap on Telstra Broadband may well be scrapped.. just rumours at the moment, but pretty substantial ones. Way to go for people power.

Teflon Mouse Tape on PCrivals. Like MouseSkatez.
GeForce3 Roundup on ViaHardware.
60Gb IBM 60GXP 7,200rpm ATA/100 Hard Drive on IPKonfig.
Fortis Heatsinks also on IPKonfig.
Swiftech MC462A on IANAG.

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