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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-October-2001  23:58:44 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

It's Union election week this week at UQ, and I must say I've had it up to here *points up* with all the arrogant tactics they go on with. There was some loud-mouthed tart having a go at anyone in the main refec area this arvo who took any how to vote card but hers, and she is just the most noticeable part of a large spam campaign. It really comes down to this: who cares? You pay a charge each semester for a service you never use. Makes no sense to me really.

ClubOC have checked out a turbine for case. Well, not really.. but yes, really. A 51.1cfm Delta 60mm monster that is sure to make your local hearing aid specialist a happy chappy in the years to come. 54.5dBA is a lot of noise for a PC to be pumping out, but then, I 'spose 51cfm is a lot of cfm. Oh, did I mention 8,000rpm as well? Air cooling is getting near the end of it's useful life I reckon.

FiringSquad are covering 3GIO, a technology from Intel that is designed to replace the PCI bus somewhere down the line. They take a nice dig at PCI only operating on a 33MHz bus, but I don't see their point. If you hook an old 4,200rpm PIO1 hard drive up to your fancy new ATA/133 controller you're only going to get PIO1 performance out of it. Same goes with PCI, and apart from ultra-high-end SCSI stuff the PCI bus dosn't really seem saturated to me. Still, I 'spose it is a bit of decent forward-vision. USB seemed pretty fast a few years ago when they stuck it on your motherboard and you thought it was all well and good until you tried to find a peripheral to use with it. Of course now, USB is slowwwww.

OCIA has reviewed the Matrix Orbital LCD screen for your PC. Quite a (s)wank bit of gear for your PC, looks neat-o in finished form. Meanwhile, neill appears to be getting a bit swamped in the forums after looking into building some similar LCD screens for the OCAU community from easily-available electronics parts. Bit of an overwhelming response there I'd say.. maybe something for one of the smaller sydney-based case mod stores to look into in conjunction with neill?

There is a new version of the DiVX codec out that we all know, love, and use for our strictly legitimate MPEG-encoding purposes. Or something.

Thermaltake has pushed their memory cooling kit one step further by adding a puny 40mm fan to it to make it an activley cooled kit. I reckon anyone buying this should be aware that it is really just rice, as dan has proven that DDR memory dosn't really need cooling, and RAMBUS already comes equiped with passive cooling.

Icrontic have a pretty decent coverage of most of the PC case fans that you find around the traps. Good for comparing dBA, cfm, all that stuff.

Boyd points out that on the left toolbar on this site is a simple-but-addictive flash game you can play that might win you a decent toolkit, good for moddin' those cases ready to add em to the PCDB. MMMmm, pimping.

Finally this evening, Eddie points out this article discussing broadband internet as an election issue. Most interesting comment there comes from the wonderful Senator Alston, who said that the South Korean broadband demand is driven largely by "kids playing games". Maybe he has a point, but I wonder what he'd say if he knew FPS's like CS and UT save lives.

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