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Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 19-October-2001  00:19:57 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Version 2 of Folding @ Home is now out. There's a vote in our Team OCAU forum to see if our Folding team should stick with the old client or go to the new one. So if you're a folder, go vote.. and if you're not a folder, become one, then go vote. :)

Some more ATI Radeon 8500 reviewage for you, here on Digit-Life.

Remember kids, intake fans are good but don't overdo it. :)

An interesting article about putting glass feet on your mouse for friction-free mousing. The feet on my Intellimouse Explorer are getting very worn down now, will have to investigate something like this soon.

MCN has an article about a new engine which can change capacity and compression at the owner's whim.. save fuel while cruising and max power while fanging.. nice.

There's another article about whether long/rounded ide cables are evil or not.. and again, you can find our review of pre-made evil here or roll-your-own evil here.. I've never had a problem with rounded/long IDE cables. Cables that have been nicked after being sucked into a big fan is another story..

TheDDRZone have rounded up a few P4X266 motherboards.. P4 with DDR.

Also on the P4 side of things, Radeonic checked out the Intel i845 chipset, which allows SDRAM with P4 CPU's.

OCZ have been getting some coverage today. Tweaktown checked out their Dominator 2 socket cooler as did MikhailTech here, while their Titan 3 GF3-based video card gets the going over on Tech-Report.

OCShoot have some hardcore chipset cooling happening. Our comparison of slightly more pedestrian chipset coolers here.

Dan has been playing with some really weird magnetic liquid stuff.. bizarre.

Duron (Morgan) 1.1GHz on xbit.
Arkua 7528 on OCPlus.
Epox 8KHA+ KT266A socketa DDR motherboard on OCPrices.
Vantec CCK6027 on ViperLair.
Corsair PC2100 and PC2400 DDR memory on OCTools.

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