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Monday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-October-2001  11:51:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Microsoft are saying that everyone should stop talking about security holes because this makes them more likely to be abused, thanks Nicholas.

AtlantaOC have reviewed the Iwill KK266+R, a socketA motherboard using SDR memory. They're also giving away a Vantec CCK-6035 copper socket cooler.

OCrCafe are giving away a 1GHz Athlon CPU.

Digit-Life have posted the second part of their SocketA SMP article.

ExplosiveHW reviewed some Titan Coolers including the Majesty Twin. We had the world's first review of the original version of that cooler here and quite frankly thought it sucked. Titan went away and improved it with better fans and different clip but it still managed to crunch my Tbird950 so it ultimately wasn't included in our big socketA cooler roundup. Hosted site CaseJunkiez checked out both versions too, here and here, finding that the improved version was outperformed by the venerable golden orb, which is well behind the pace these days. However, the Majesty Twin won ExplosiveHardware's roundup of Titan coolers, which means either the other Titan coolers manage to suck even more than the Majesty Twin, or this is another version of the twin which has fixed the performance/mounting problems. Unfortunately there's no way to tell from that review.

PimpRig have neon-stringed their keyboard.

Tensop spotted this guide to unlocking AthlonXP bridges on Overclockers.com.

Combining my two main interests, Suzuki have revealed an intelligent superbike which is started by the owner's fingerprint, can fully diagnose a range of problems with itself, keeps an eye on the weather forecast for you and will ring your mobile if someone tries to steal it. It'll even let you read your email as you ride along.. which sounds like a really bad idea to me. :)

Michael says that much of his weekend was spent playing this shockwave rally game (click the link at top-left-middle on that page).. but I found it just frustrating, really.

Bit-Tech have a cool little LCD Stand. Seems to be basically taking Wolfy's remote LCD article from the weekend, to another level.

Your Monday morning dose of the bizarre on ZZZ Online.

ATI Radeon 7500 video card (video review) on 3DGameMan.
IceMat Mousing Surface on PC-Arena.
Cold cathode lights on BurnOutPC.

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