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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-October-2001  22:09:38 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Everyone seems to be going LCD crazy.. there are quite a few threads in the forums about it, most specifically in the trading forums and oc+hw. A large number of people seem to want to get schmicker looking LCD's as well, not settling for the cheaper ones that Wolfy tracked down. Either way, I reckon they're going to be flying into the PCDB soon.

McNugget pointed out that you can obtain a similar LCD to the one Wolfy used in his article from Dick Smith Electronics, catalogue number Z4170. Probably a bit easier for a lot of our readers.

Jon pointed out that Sony now have an MP3-playing head unit for your car.. which comes as quite a surprise to me. Sony don't seem to like mp3.. I wonder why.. anyway, it should have pretty nice build quality going from the quality of other Sony in-car audio gear, just I reckon their new designs looks a bit average compared to the competition from places like Pioneer. Kenwood also have a similar unit if I'm making you drool.

Allegedly a former employee of Maroochy Shire Council has got the ultimate revenge on his employer. He's facing court, accused of hacking into their computer systems and causing sewage overflows.. hahaha. Oh dear.

Lombers from Case Junkiez pointed out that a new version of the nVidia refresh rate fixer for Win2K has been released.. bringing with it, you guessed it, XP support.

If all the new AMD CPU cores have you a bit confused then this might be a good read.. ViaHW have put the Morgan-based Duron and the Palomino-based Athlon up against the older Thunderbird-based Athlon.. all that is missing is the Spitfire Duron.. still a good read tho.

Firemoth pointed out this totally bizarre shockwave animation.. I reckon it'll make you crave hallucinogenic drugs. Crazy. There are some more amusing ones in the directory above that file as well..

Finally, My-Rig have a little article about using motorbike air-filters in your case to keep it free of dust.. but one of our readers has already done that, using the air filter from a Nissan Patrol instead. The upside to the Patrol filter is that it is flatter, making your case look a bit less.. strange.

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