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Tuesday night... (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 23-October-2001  22:23:37 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Right, no mucking about tonight. News. Now. Read.

3D Spotlight.Com is having a competition, but it's a "Join our forums and post some stuff to enter" comp. Bleh.

Remember MS Powertoys for 95/98 and all that? Well, someone has leaked Powertoys for XP, and Electic has a mirror of them.

From Herbo: Some pricing on the Hercules Ti range of vid cards, at Ausgamers.

Nothing really new here, but still: GeForce2 Ultra cooling mod at VoidYourWarranty.Com.

If you own a Dell computer, which happens to have an ATi Rage 128 Pro vid card, AND you run WinXP, then you need these drivers.

On a more interesting note, which probably applies to more people than the item above, Transgaming has released WineX, which apparently, will allow you to play PC games on XWindows, straight out of the box. MandrakeSoft are planning to release the Mandrake Gaming Edition, which will include WineX and the cool live-'em-up, The Sims.

As a direct result of the WTC events on the 11th of September, the world certainly is changing, even Counter-Strike is being affected... and if VIA isn't caught up in enough legal battles already, it's planning to make a Pentium 4 clone cpu. Thanks to Sync_array.

This is kinda neat: a (almost) cube PC... it's good that it's small, but bad that it has limited mobo options. Oh well, can't win them all.

From SPG: Melbourne: Digital and Wireless. Neat. Lots of wireless info. And other stuff.

HardOCP has posted a followup to their Radeon 8500 review. They're revisiting certain driver issues.

Finally, from MegaBaz, ThinkGeek is selling the Terapin Mine, which is a linux-based, 10gb handheld pc... with network connection, pc-card slot and usb port. Rather shmick. I'll have one. Price: US$579.99. Unh... maybe not.

Ricoh DVD+RW MP5120A cdrom/dvd drive -at CDRinfo.
Cooler Master ATC-201 case - at AMDMB.Com.
TweakMonster Trace Lighting Kit - at OCAddiction.Com.
Alpha PAL8045U Copper Insert hsf - at ipKonfig.
COOL JAG 102C all-copper hsf - at M:6.
Minion IMT 4000 midtower case - at Extreme Overclocking.

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