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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 26-October-2001  00:06:14 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

The powers that be (the mighty 20c coin, and my apparent lack of cheating at coin tosses) decided I'm writing news tonight. So here it is.

All is not rosy with the X-Box, apparently the units that they've dished out to World4Kids and places like that don't work as well as they should.. they have booting 'problems'. Funny thing is, there is a thread somewhere in the forums talking about how you don't need a fast PC now as much as you used to in the days of Quake2.. and that a console will prolly whip it's arse anyway. Well, yes, until it core dump bluescreens in the middle of a game. Fuuuun.

Ok, Ok, thehungersite is back up and running.. something must of died last night because I couldn't get to it. Run along, click the links and people get food. It's all good. I wonder if they get spam tho? ;)

I found funny flash stuff this morning. Really fun flash stuff this morning. Really funny flash stuff is cool, if you have any really funny (and I mean really funny, not only-funny-after-3-ounces-of-weed funny), then let me know please..

AMD has this tour thing happening over in the US at the moment where they basically drive away unburdening themselves of überfast XP processors along with motherboards and hs/f's.. it sucks when your warehouse is overstocked, it really does. AwareMag have taken some pics of the good stuff. Soooo... AMD, how's your warehouse in AUS looking.. pretty full, yeah?

BinaryZero wrote in to say that the LCD units that I linked to the other day from Dick Smith Electronics no workee with Wolfy's DIY LCD Guide.. which is a bit of a bummer. He says that it has a different interface, one that he couldn't get to talk to his PC..

Do you have $700 burning a hole in your pocket? Yes? Well, give it to me. I need it to buy a car :) If you're not that generous tho, HardOCP has a GeForce3 Roundup happening. That'll more than take care of your heavy wallet.

Sure, there are some really dumb people that ask some incredibly dumb questions to tech support. But this time it's tech support giving the dumb answers. Really dumb answers.. pretty amusing, and thanks to SilentSniper for the link.

Finally, AcidHardware went and attended the launch of WindowsXP today in Sydney.. but I've got no idea what they thought of it, seeings it crashed IE6. Five times. Maybe that is what the six stands for?

Logitech Wingman Formula GP driving wheel on GamingIn3D.
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Arkua 7228 Copper Core hs/f on FrostyTech.
VisonTek Xstasy Ti500 GF3 on 3DSpotlight. BYO rave music.
Shuttle AK31 3.1 on OCwb.
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