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LCD & THS corrections (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 26-October-2001  21:51:51 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Well, I screwed the proverbial pooch when it comes to that Dick Smith LCD thing. Actually, it wasn't me that screwed it, it was BinaryZero. Blame him! Nah, it's half my fault for posting it anyway. On the flipside, a lot of people have sent in info saying that works, and works well. It was pretty impressive getting so much email correcting my mistake and giving me helpful advice on how to fix it. Cheers to everyone who emailed me, this isn't everyone.. there was much more but to avoid repetition some people's comments I didn't post.

Cyrogenic wrote: I just read your news. I bought a non-backlit LCD from DSE the other day and wired it up according to Wolfy's instructions and it works wickedly.

Vort wrote: I got a 16x2 Line LCD from Dick Smith (cat Z4170) and hooked it up no probs. The only hiccup was the pin out list on Wolfy's LCD page. His has two "pink" wires which may cause confusion. My parallel cable had completely different coloured wires inside, so a quick check with a multimeter sorts that out. (Dick smith have em for $19.90 atm as well). The other ambiguity was the hard drive power supply. It's got one red, two black, and one yellow wire. I didnít know which black wire to use, so I used the one right next to the red, and it worked fine.

BigDude wrote: If you read the data sheet that comes with the DSE LCD , you will find the controller for the cd is the same as the one Wolfy used , its just the pin outs for the lcd that may vary slightly. He also sent along a copy of the wiring diagram for the DSE LCD, which I've chucked up here

Kosti wrote: I just wanted to add that it does work and the DSE LCD Screen uses a KS0068 LSI controller which is compatible, as I have made one the other day, but there is a wiring problem with Wolfy's colour scheme.

w1force wrote: if people are having problems try just putting a 1k resistor in each wire from the d25. this is good anyway just in case something bad happens, it may just help save ya port....

DrDevil wrote: I'd just like to say that both Dick Smith LCD displays, the Z4170 and the Z4172 work. They use the same wiring as Wolfy's article. The chip on them is not an HD44870 but is exactly the same.

Please bear in mind that I'm not having a go at BinaryZero by posting this, I just wanted to share all the info that I got sent.. it's pretty overwhelming that so many people where compelled to fix up my mistake.. so thanks :)

Also, it seems last night was the night for making errors in the news because I also assumed thehungersite was down, when it's not. Admittedly, when I went to check the URL last night I got server-not-found errors, but with Optus@Home's changeover it could of well been me instead of them. Anyway, it's still there.. they still do the same stuff. It's good, and worthy of your page views. Go do it :)

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