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Early Saturday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 27-October-2001  01:26:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ATI are copping a beating today with suggestions that their drivers are aware when they're running benchmarks and perhaps cheat a little. More info here on FiringSquad and here on HardOCP.

With Christmas approaching I might have to make room for one of these driving simulators in the livingroom..

Another vote against the CPU Radiator Zen here on overclockers.com in the USA. They found, similarly to our recent review, that it's a promising idea but the mounting design is chip-killingly bad. There's another review here but it's in portuguese, so you're on your own. I will note there's a picture of a very badly chipped Duron in their review tho. :)

Guamy has some funny pics.. pages from a 1988 issue of APC. Ahh, those were the days.. when I had an Amiga. :)

A zillion people sent word that Sound Blaster drivers for XP are available. However, if you want LiveWareXP, Creative are seemingly not allowing you to download it - you must order a CD.

VoiD noted this Tiny Apps website which contains, oddly enough, programs that are useful without being bloated.

Joe points out this software which can hopefully help stop Code Red.. which judging from our server logs is still very much alive out there.

Cool little mini-case in the forums from Bravo, just the thing for next to the TV..

JimX spotted these electronic insect toys.. much cheaper than Aibo and better for freaking out younger siblings. :)

One of the problems with SocketA SMP from an overclocker's perspective is the lack of core voltage adjustability on dual socketA boards.. VR-Zone now have a voltage hack for the Tyan Tiger MP board, cool.

ViperLair have an article about WindowsXP Activation.

Spodes has checked out 4 Zalman Coolers.

Philips Australia are running a 5 Minutes of Fame competition to help discover budding Australian musical artists, who might even score themselves a recording contract out of it. You can submit your own tracks and/or vote for your favourites to help decide who wins.

In my wanderings I discovered the Guggenheim Museum have an amazing Art of the Motorcycle display, bit more info/discussion in that forum thread.

HotHardware compared a couple of SocketA DDR motherboards.

Apparently WindowsXP has not been exactly leaping off the shelves in Sydney.

More info on IBM's DeskStar - nicknamed DeathStar - failure rate on Slashdot, thanks thetron.

Another new site indexing reviews, ReviewLocator.com, from IANAG.

Programmers might get a kick out of this page listing Hello World in more languages than you thought existed, thanks Epoch.

More info on the OCAU Sydney Paintball Day in the forums from Wolfy, social coordinator extraordinaire. :)

Apollo Kyro2 video card on Jiarne.
Cold Cathode light kit on OCPrices.
Cordless Optical Desktop on BurnOutPC.
Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD/MP3/VHS player on FutureLooks.
Zalman 300W PSU on MikhailTech.
MS Wireless Optical Intellimouse on MGON.
Titan TTC-D5TB2/A socket cooler on FrostyTech.
Blizzard Watercooling Kit on Rojakpot.
Window Kit on ProCooling.
Antec SX635 minitower case on Max3D.
Millennium Glaciator 2 socket cooler on ClubOC.

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