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Early Monday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 29-October-2001  01:43:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dave sent word of another car MP3 player.. this one based around an Amiga 1200!

TacoNuts have updated their case gallery.. of course, all the cool kids hang out in the PCDB. :) Speaking of modded cases, MegaBaz in the forums had some trouble squeezing a big mobo into a little case.. easily fixed with a Dremel.

Firemoth pointed out this amazing rendered girl. Just check out the still images if you don't want to download the video.. so realistic it's scary.

With the terrorist attacks occurring in the USA, it's important to not let an increased focus on security infringe on the rights of non-terrorists. Wired has more info on an Anti-Terrorism Bill that has many proponents of online privacy worried not only because of what the Bill allows, but also because of the way it was rushed through the normal legislative procedure. Even more worrying is this proposed and so-called PoliceWare Bill that could see all computers equipped with systems designed to prevent misuse - at the expense of privacy and with severe penalties for transgressions. Kazashi notes this petition opposing the PoliceWare bill.

OCdCafe have a comparison of a couple of thermal pastes.

Very interesting article about taxpayers saving millions with Linux. A "Linux in the Real World"-type article about a government department that is refusing to play the Windows upgrade game any more, has built a better system and saved a bundle. Very interesting to hear how they've got it all set up, thanks leperMessiah.

AMDMB have a review of nvidia's new(ish) nforce chipset, while AcesHW have overclocked it.. thanks Iroquois.

ProCooling have an article about several methods of controlling fan speeds.

Win y'self some Crucial memory over on AcidHW.

Is there a noisy fan in your system? Chances are it needs a little maintenance. A drop of Singer oil or similar in the bearing (under the sticker on the back, usually) does wonders.

A cool little article in the forums about supercharging your Golden Orb socket cooler.

Bit-Tech want to show you how to add another fan to your PSU. Be careful when playing with power supplies!

Finally.. this news post is a little late tonight.. blame Flecktone. He sent in this shockwave Lego puzzle game that sucked up the last couple of hours and will no doubt inhale your Monday too. :) Starts off pretty easy but there's 60 levels!

AOpen H600 case on DanzDomain.
Intellimouse Explorer on Jiarne, our review here.
Shuttle AK31 v3.1 KT266A-based SocketA DDR motherboard on ClubOC.
Crystal Orb chipset cooler on OCrCafe.
Prolink Geforce 3 XX-Player video card on Hexus.
HDD Coolers on PC-Arena.

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