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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 29-October-2001  23:54:49 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. all my uni assignments and other forms of non-exam assessment are finished for this year. That is as good a reason as any to celebrate with a smoked cod. It was also the last episode this season of Pizza / Life Support which where both pretty amusing.. it seems the life support crew just went for broke and crossed all the lines.. with pretty funny consequences.

Well, ATA/133 is out. AtlantaOC have a review of an 80Gb Maxtor drive supporting the interface, along with a Maxtor/Promise PCI card supporting the same. In this review the Maxtor drive smokes the other tested drivers, yet I don't think that will hold to be the case in real life. What I'd really like to see is the drive tested on an ATA/133 controller and then on an ATA/100 controller. That'd give a real indication of the ATA/133 benefit (to my mind, zip).. of course, it does prove that this Maxtor drive is pretty quick.. which is nice to see.

TecCentral.de have a head to head of the A7V266 (KT266 chipset) with the A7V266-E (KT266A chipset), which I reckon will be pretty interesting.. clear to see how much the KT266A rocks. Of course, there are always issues. It's in German.. well, it was.. it's been babelfish-like translated.. so it's in gerglish. Or something.

I'm sure a lot of you remember Tomshardware smokin' CPU video.. the one where they take the hs/f off a P3/P4 and T'Bird/Palomino, and the AMD cpu's start smoking it up while the Intel counterparts live? Well, AMDzone reckon they've got it wrong. Following Tom's lead they have a video with a rather dodgy matrix-theme soundtrack showing what happens when they took the hs/f off a Palomino core Athlon.. it didn't die, just shut down. Nice work AMD, good to see. There is some info up on their main page. Thanks to Iceman and Tarrasque.

Over at Whirlpool (thanks to Iceman again) there is an interesting interview with one of the former Excite@Home staff who got axed in Optus' buyout of Excite@Home.au. It seems a ~tad~ bitter employee style to me, but a lot of what he is saying sounds feasible, especially if a lot of the code is proprietary... and anyone that has dealt with OptusNet/DingoBlue knows that they arenít up to the same standards that O@H is (was?). I hope it doesnít come true, I can gratefully say O@H is probably one of the best ISP's I've dealt with in a long while.

AMDpower have a review of a product that isn't AMD (cue shock, horror).. but it's still pretty cool. It's a HDTV Tuner card so you can watch and record HDTV streams on your PC. I've previously owned a normal TV tuner and thought it was nothing special.. a HDTV one might change my mind tho, especially if it'll let me record those last episodes of Stargate.

More stuff from an AMD-named site, this time AMDmb have an article about how fans work.. pretty handy if you're new to the whole overclocking scene and wondering what the difference between a Delta and a Panaflow is.

It's Monday. It's ZZZ Online time. If you havenít read it before, start reading it now. It's cool.

Matrox G400 XP Drivers on Matrox.com, thanks to Chris S.
DYI Watercooling on Digital-Explosion.
Thermaltake Cyrstal Orb on ComputerChaos.
Ice-Hole Fan Adaptor w/flashy LED's on Bit-Tech.
Ice Hole also on RipNet.
2GHz P4 on OCPrices.
CoolJag JAC311C copper hs/f on MikhailTech.
Alpha PAL7125 Slot-A/1 coolers on Inside-Hardware. Our ancient Slot Cooler roundups here and here.
Soyo K7-V Dragon on ViaHW.
BitsPower NP80D on FrostyTech.
ECS P4ITA video-review on 3DGameMan.
AMK Game-Tunnel II case on TheTechZone.

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