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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 31-October-2001  02:36:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Most users ever online was 267 on 29th October 2001 at 08:40 PM - a new record!

A heap of people submitted news that conflicts with a video seen here on TomsHardware. That video shows AMD CPU's going up in smoke when their heatsink is removed while Intel P4's cope much better and survive. Today's news is a couple of videos over on AMDZone. The full blurb is on that site and I encourage you to read it, but in summary they have videos showing the exact opposite results from what TomsHardware got: here we have an AMD CPU surviving the treatment while here we have a P4 going up in smoke. Up springs another article from THG, saying AMD responded to their original video with a solution which can be implemented in future motherboards. Some people are saying that THG reckon the more recent videos are tested on motherboards using this new technique to preserve the CPU, but I can't see that mentioned on THG directly. There's a lot of jumping up and down and finger-pointing going on at the moment so I'll let you draw your own conclusions and I imagine we'll get more info over the next few days. Apparently the videos first appeared here. Van Smith, ex-THG guru who now runs his own VansHardware.com offer his take on events to date. Actually, a few sources including HardOCP are now saying that AMD confirmed the second lot of videos were theirs - but not meant for release - and are using a suitably modified motherboard to protect the CPU. So don't go ripping your heatsink off.. as if you would have anyway. :)

AnandTech have an article summarising their readers opinions of WindowsXP. Whether they'll upgrade, if they have upgraded what they think of it etc. Interesting. They also have an article on phoneline and wireless networking.

Boky notes this AmigaOS for x86 page. Wow.. why haven't we heard about this before? I woulda thought the alternative O/S people would have been shouting this one from the rooftops.

UNIX your thing? Live in QLD? Own a car? Maybe these rego plates are what you're after..

If you're having trouble installing DetonatorXP drivers for your nvidia-based video card under Win2K/XP, gbh notes this page saying antivirus software running during the install can stop the drivers configuring themselves properly.

On the other hand, Yaleman says he installed these new Kyro / KyroII drivers and got a handy 310-point boost in 3DMark.

Digit-Life have a roundup of 12 i845-based motherboards for your Pentium4 with SDR memory.

HardwareAccelerated have an article about some future features of D3D.. they also have an article about what they call the graphical divide, old-tech video cards still being sold new.

Duckman reckons we're all missing the point about nForce, the new integrated chipset from NVIDIA.

I've ridiculed AMR / CNR slots on motherboards before, because of the (seeming) nonexistence of any cards to put into them. Digit-Life not only proved they exist, but rounded up 6 CNR sound cards in their most recent comparo.

Despite all the pain-in-the-neck-for-real-consumers copyright protection built into WindowsXP, a day after its launch you can buy it for 75 US cents in China with no activation scheme or any other nuisances to dampen your installation experience. So people who buy it legitimately get treated like criminals while the criminals get it for almost free with less hassles. Where do you want to go today?

Arctic Silver II thermal paste on ViperLair.
Alpha 8045 socket cooler on AtlantaOC.
Biostar M7VKD socketA SDR (KT133A) motherboard on HWExtreme.
TEAC CD-W524E 40x24x10x IDE CDRW on CDRInfo.
Yamaha CRW3200E 40x24x10x IDE CDRW also on CDRInfo.
ATI Radeon 7500 & 8500 video cards on Radeonic.
AVGS Cyber cases on JSIHW.
DynoTron heatsinks on OCNZ.
Glaciator II heatsink on OCrCafe.
Asus P4B i845-based P4 motherboard on IANAG.
Samsung SyncMaster 770TFT 17" Flat Panel Monitor on FutureLooks.
MSI 850 Pro 5 i850-based P4 motherboard on Hexus.
Nostromo n50 Speedpad game controller on PlanetQuake, thanks Kazashi.
TweakMonster Light Strips on Bit-Tech.

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