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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-January-2002  13:25:17 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wolfy notes By the time you read this our SETI@Home team should have completed 200 years of CPU time.

Sabretooth noticed this site run by someone who (and it links to other sites that seem to feel the same way) .. feels that bill gates is dead. They even have info on how he was assassinated etc. But, errm.. he isn't.

TheInquirer have info on a new Dual Athlon board with RAID from Epox.. including a little bag. Weird, thanks DaN.

HardOCP have their Hardest of 2001 awards posted. Another year gone by and certainly tons of crap was dumped on unsuspecting buyers...but what about the good guys?

Morjo noticed that a 12,000 kilometre fibre optic cable between Australia and Japan has commenced commercial operations with the first transmissions of customer data. The link is capable of transmitting at 640 gigabit/sec (80 gigabytes per second), with the potential of going even faster as fibre technology is improved. In comparison, the Southern Cross Cable is currently operating at 120 gigabit/sec (but given hardware upgrades, could go as high as 480 gigabit/sec). More info here on Whirlpool.

Digit-Life posted Part II of their December 2001 Hardware Digest.

Tweaktown compared P4X266 motherboards, P4 DDR boards from Shuttle and ACorp.

A1-Electronics reviewed the Senfu II watercooling kit. We reviewed the original Senfu gear over a year ago here.

Tony noticed that Paramount are releasing Star Trek: TNG on DVD.. all 7 years of it. Hmm, expect to see my VHS tapes on eBay soon, then. :)

Mnemonix has some folloup info related to the huge subwoofer at MIT linked a couple of days ago: Clarion make a retail version that is larger than the subwoofer in your news. The clarion 32inch subwoofer is around the $3500.au mark and can be purchased online from www.ryda.com.au. The world record of worlds largest subwoofer also belongs to australia. www.totalrecoil.com.au rebuild subwoofer components and design custom subwoofers, mainly for automotive SPL competitors. Their custom subwoofer has an aluminium reinforced kevlar cone, and draws 20,000 watts rms of power to be driven. Sizes are not listed on their site (although i have the information and pics at home), size is around 1.3 metres across the cone. Then of course, there's this one which claims to be the biggest in the world, on a totally different design, from Cameron.

Scott notes that ATI and Hercules may be a winning combination.. and that ATI have big plans for China.

Tech-Report compare the Duron vs Celeron.. value chips at 1.2GHz.

SLCentral have an article about Computer Vision.. helping computers see.

Apparently the Atlantis LAN on the 19th-20th of Jan in Melbourne has been cancelled, but Overkill are stepping up to the plate and offering a $5 discount to people who were registered at Atlantis, to come to their lan on the same weekend.

Pax discovered that for two weeks there are free movies in Homebush at Olympic Park in Sydney.

Moldy managed to dig up even more overclocked Macs.

RheoBus fan controller on PC-Critic, our review here.
Aquacool Watercooling Kit on G3D.
SkyHawk ATX-4378C-IV Case on TweakTown.
Lian-Li PC65 USB Case on TweakTown.

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