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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-January-2002  02:37:36 (GMT +10) - by LoneWolf

Right. With winamp going in the background, here comes another news post. Rather large post tonight too, so grab a beverage, a comfy chair, and lets get underway.

All you Intel users out there hanging out for an Itanium processor with some REAL grunt better take a look at this. Then reach for your wallet :)

Another virus in our midst- this time one that can format your hard-drive apon restarting your sytem. Info here.

Bluescreenofdeth have reviewed two new coolers from AVC, the "Sunflower" Cooler designed for the Pentium 4, and the "Skived Copper Cooler" designed for Socket A Processors. Catch the review over at bluescreenofdeth.

X-Bit labs have posted an article called "NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti500 and Ti200 Based Graphics Cards Extreme Overclocking" in which they overclock a Ti200 by 50%! Have a look here.

Ever had someone ask you the time, and you wish you could've shot them in the forehead with a ball-bearing? Sure you have, we all have. :) Dan from Dansdata has a watch you might like to buy. Thanks to Dan and all the others that sent this in.

Last time I enquired about it, "Anodising" wasn't cheap. StratosFeaR sends us this link, which explains how to anodise things at home. (/me grabs the cat) :)

An interesting article on a promising memory standard here, supposedly going to be featured on the DreamForce 1 from nvidia. We have a forum post on the nvidia chip specifications here.

Wanna win an X-Box, the DVD ROM kit to go with it and a game of your choice? Head over to IPConfig and enter.

3DVelocity have posted their guide on unlocking your AthlonXP. It may not be the first such guide you've seen, but it's got it all covered with clear diagrams and pictures and of course a look at what you're likely to need.

Daniel Fisher tells us that the new 32x Lite-on burners are out. He didn't provide a link, so keep an eye on your favourite retailer, and you'll no doubt come across them.

Scott Fiske sent this in, and says: This is a really cool web page. You just enter the name of the software title you want to update and it tells you the latest version and a link to download it. Works with most applications I have typed in. Not only does it look for updates for Windows it also does Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X as well as Palm. Cool, cheers Scott.

Again from Scott comes this page, showing a Macintosh cluster churning out 1/5 TeraFlop per second! (1 TeraFlop = 1000 GF = one trillion floating-point calculations per second, in case you were wondering) :)

And yet again, from Scott, comes this page telling you everything you have ever wanted to know about your computers Power Supply.

Whirlpool have an article about some insider information on the release of Optus ADSL, which is supposedly going to be a lot faster than Telstra ADSL, and not capped! Thanks SPHINX (His caps, not mine) :)

ZZZ's 112th issue is up, and ready for your (odd technology-related) reading pleasure.

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