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Early Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-January-2002  02:38:37 (GMT +10) - by LoneWolf

I think NewsPro was confused by the huge size of this post.. so I've split it into two bits, here's the 2nd part:

GideonTech.com just did an update to their "Visitor Projects" section, where users can submit any modifications they've accomplished. Our own PCDB is down at the moment, but don't despair, it will return :)

SLCentral.com has posted an update to their CPU/Memory Watch. This week OEM Athlon XP's come down in price and a couple popular types of SDRAM start to rise. Here's the goods.

INTEL'S 850 CHIPSET is about as popular with the PC enthusiast crowd as NSync's latest CD is with heavy metal fans. Enthusiasts demand great performance at low prices, and while the 850/Pentium 4 platform has posted some impressive scores in some tests, it's not exactly been the price/performance leader. Fortunately, the introduction of DDR chipsets from VIA, SiS, and Intel has enabled the Pentium 4 to achieve reasonable performance without resorting to RDRAM. Want more? <--Click there :)

Icrontic has a story on domed case badges, and possibly how to make your own.

TacoNuts have updated their case gallery again, so head on over and check it out.

News and pictures from the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show over at The Tech Zone.

By now we have all heard about the NVIDIA Titanium 500 series video cards and many of us are now looking for solutions beyond 3D gaming. HardOCP has a look at two top performing cards and what they have to offer when it comes to Video In / Video Out enhancements.

Our own BlueSmurf has a forum thread about his recent testdrive of the Holden Monaro CV8 here.

Plextor W241040A review on tecentral. (Pre translated link, aren't I nice :) )
Adrian's Rojak Pot have a Thermalright CB-6L CPU cooler review.
Elite_Hardware have a Multifunction Transfer Panel review (5.25" bay thingy with temp sensor)
AMD Heatsink roundup over on voidyourwarranty.
Maxxdata.com has produced a review on the Athlon XP Unlocking Kit.
Overclockers New Zealand have a review on 9 new released coolers from GlobalWin.
Viper Lair have a review of the Akasa Pax Mate Acoustic Absorbent Mat.
Evercool 3-Way Heatsink Shootout on TweakTown.
Hardware Avenue have reviewed the Hercules 3D Prophet II Titanium video card. See it here.
IAmNotAGeekhave reviewed some 512MB Crucial DDR PC2100 modules.
Designtechnica takes a looks at Sonic blue's new Rio Riot.
NeoSeeker have a review of the OCZ Dominator 2.
Swiftech MCX370 Review on thinktechie.com.

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