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National Nightly Network News :) (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-January-2002  00:42:09 (GMT +10) - by LoneWolf

Here's hoping that Newspro doesn't wimp out on me again :)

First up, Dave let's us know that there is a petition available to ask Creative to supply better support for thie SBLive! and Audigy cards. Go here if you want some of that action.

X-bit labs has posted an article called "ATI RADEON8500 Extreme Overclocking Experience". Here it is if you wanna have a squizz.

The year is 1958. Physicist Willy Higinbotham invents the first "video game" at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York. His game, a table tennis-like game, was played on an oscilloscope. This page tells you all about different games and milestones in the industry. Gimme CS or RTCW anyday :) Thanks Anthrox.

Another petition here to save the widescreen format on DVD's, and a site here has some funny parodies of movies like The Matrix, Star Wars, Hackers and Blade. Good time waster indeed, thanks again Anthrox.

AnandTech have an article up about Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology.

Take a look at this. Intel's gallery of "designer PCs." Some rather dubious entrants, some are rather funky though. Thanks everyone who sent this in.

Ever wondered what each wire does on your ATX power supply does? Well, go there and wonder no more, cheers Scott.

Woooooooo. The Inquirer have details on the upcoming GeForce 4. Thanks again Scott.

3D Spotlight have a Soundcard & Speakers tweak guide. cards covered are the SB Live! series, Videologic SonicFury, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Philips PSC 70x range, Hercules Game Theater XP & Hercules Fortissimo 2, and the SB Audigy line.

Between now and Sunday January 27th you can put your name in the hat to win a case mod prize pack including a 10 inch Neon Black Light with Server Window and your choice of window Appliqué off the Arena Computers website. OverclockerCafe have all the details.

Head over to TheTechReport and check out Tyan's Trinity 510 motherboard. Looks sweet ... *hunts for wallet* :)

The Tech Zone's coverage of the 2002 CES continues with a look at all the hot demo cars that were at the show. If your car didn't have 20" wheels, mega sound system and at least 5 monitors, you were nobody it seems. And since we can't live by cars alone, they've toss in "a few" booth babe pics as well!

[]WILDFIRE[] tells us that Hercules are planning to drop NVidia in favour of ATI chips. More on that here.

News of Plextor's upcoming 40x/12x/40x CD-RW drive here. Now we need a link to 40x media *sigh*

And finally, if you missed the group purchase of dome case stickers in the for sale forum, you can go here and get in on some of the action.

Extrememods.com have a review on Tweakmonster ram sinks.
AnandTech have a story aboutIntel's Hyper-Threading Technology
PC Stats do a review on the ACorp 7KT266A Motherboard.
Overclockers Club have just completed a review on the Evercool CUD-725 solid copper heatsink.
Mikhailtech have a Globalwin YCC-8870 Aluminum Case Review.
TweakTown review an Abit Siluro Ti200/DVI Video Card.
SerialAddiction have reviewed an Intel Pentium 4 and an Abit TH7-II.
GamersDepot shoot out a review of ATI's Radeon 8500DV.
VoidYourWarranty have a review of the CaseEtc Maelstrom fan controller.
ExHardWare have a review of some really nice studio microphones from Oktava.
M:6 give us a TS Heatronics CPU Radiator Zen Review.

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