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Monday Night Biggun :) (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-January-2002  21:53:30 (GMT +10) - by LoneWolf

A couple of birthday shout-outs tonight. Firstly to Sabretooth who turns 20 today, and to Flecktone who turns 19. Many Happy returns guys ...... *mutters something about whippersnappers, and hobbles off with his walking frame*

First off tonight, three different chipset roadmaps from PCScoop. An ALi, an SiS and a VIA one.

Torana tells us of an Australian V8 Supercar game in the making from CodeMasters. More details here. Dick Johnson V8 Racing was another good one (except if was full of evil Fords) :)

skull9 Rv tells us of another "fonts" site, Acidfonts, which apparently has a whole load more than this site I linked the other day. And here's one, just for you Q3A zealots. (Courtesy of Ambush)

Another ALi Chipset Roadmap, this time on VR-Zone. Thanks Visionary.

LindowsOS is an affordable and easy-to-use operating system with the unique ability ro run both Linux and Windows programs....Wanna read more? Sure you do :) Thanks Morjo.

Own a Palm, and found it hard to find other palm lovin' geeks? (There's a joke there, but I won't do it :) ) There is a Palm User's Group starting soon. Cheers Adam.

Chris sends news here that Hercules have started churning out Radeon 8500 based video cards.

And yet another roadmap, this time an AMD one. Thanks Scott.

Yet again from Scott, comes news that Mad Onion are soon to be releasing 3d Mark 2001 Second Edition software. Check out the whole story here.

Article here pitting the Swiftech MC462 against the Alpha PAL 8045. Interesting read.

Never one to stay in the shadow of Intel for very long, AMD today launches its 1.3GHz Duron designed to run toe to toe with Intel's 1.3GHz Celeron. Hehe, AMD and Intel toe to toe? That hasn't happened for a long time :)

Ok so you thought you were a geek? Check out the PC Geiger. Brought to you by VICS Technology and IOSS (the makers of the invaluable BIOS Savior), the PC Geiger enables the real-time monitoring of the PCI bus, port 80h debugging information plus a host of connectors and switches brought to your front panel. Swoit!

SLCentral.com has posted an update to their CPU/Memory Watch.

Looking to buy a new or your first digital camera? Might pay to give this guide of buying digital camera a bit of a look-see.

ExtremeCooling.org have a guide on how to enable SBA on the Geforce2mx. Check that out, here.

EPoX 4B2A P4 i845 motherboard review over on BlargOC.
Cooler Master ACT-110 Value Server Case review on IPKonfig
NetGear Ethernet Switch FS108 review and a Vantec WC6040 P4 Cooler review on Unique-Hardware.
Riovolt sp100 mp3player review and also a Volcano 7 review on BurnoutPC.
MikhailTech have a Laser LED light review.
Mr PC Pro have a review on Acorp's Pentium 4 motherboard using a VIA chipset.
TweakTown have just posted a review of the Asus P4B266 Motherboard.
iMP-250 and iMP-350 MP3 Player Review on The Tech Zone.
Shuttle AK35GT-R KT266A motherboard review on 3dSpotlight.
Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Fan Heatsink Review on FrostyTech.
NeoSeeker have a couple of reviews. Firstly an Ego Sys Wami Box and secondly a Kenwood DPC-MP922 Portable MP3 CD Player.
Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum review on ClubOverclocker.

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