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Thursday Night News (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-January-2002  23:51:53 (GMT +10) - by LoneWolf

First of all, Agg had a birthday today. So, Happy Birthday Unkie Agg :) I hope everyone remembered to send him an e-mail *sniggers*

Okay, now on with the news......

Chris sends us a sad poem about someone killing their Gainward GeForce3 card.

I think we linked to this page a while ago, but there are some REALLY cool ideas there :) Thanks Geoffrey.

Dan from Dan's Data has a HS/F comparo, that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 8 more fans added to it at this stage.

Hadamona noticed this nice small app that can be configured to show a variety of things in your Taskbar, things such as temperatures, cpu load, uptime, and a lot more... Grab that here. (Only for Win2k/XP however)

"Think Techie's" Lian Li PC60 case contest is nearly over! You have until the 26th to complete the tasks listed over at their contest page. Better hurry :)
(EDIT : Forget hurrying, you have to be a resident of the US to enter, sorry)

Seems Abit have had a rethink on their motherboard packaging. Check out the scoop on Hexus.

It appears that NetScape are once again suing our pals at Micro$oft. Details here. Thanks Scott.

Over at Spode's Abode, Surlyjoe and Spode climb out of their hibernation and shed some light on their new direct die system using an o-ring clamp. A breif, but interesting read involving tales of darkness and EVIL.

The Federales finally came to their senses concerning David McOwen, who was being sued for $800000 (400k damage, 400k fines)USD plus facing up to 15 years in the big house for installing RC5 on approx 500 PCs. Have a look at the full article here.

Haha, poor bloke. overlOad send us this eBay link. Read the description of the item for sale :)

HoruS tells us that the new 27.10 Detonators have support for the GF4's in them, and reveal their names. First pic here and second pic here.

Scott informs us that NVMAX 4.00.21 is out. Click here if you want some of that action.

Overclockers New Zealand has posted an article on making a peltier cooled heatsink for your water cooling system.

And lastly, again from eBay, comes this V12 Ferrari Testarosa belonging to John Romero, from ID Software, up for sale. Daikatana must have sent him broke. *reaches into wallet, and dodges the bats that come flying out* Oh well, maybe next year.. :)

Icrontic review a SMK SX1000 PC Case.
CoolerHut have a write up on the PowerCooler PCH147 HS/F.
Acorp 7KT266A Motherboard reviewed at Hot Hardware.
An aluminium version of the Millenium Glaciator II over on Templin Tech.
Templin Tech have another review, one of 2 KT266a motherboards from Soyo and DFI.
Club Overclocker have a VIA C3 933MHz Processor Review.
PC Stats have done a Samsung Syncmaster 171MP LCD - HDTV Review.
Video Review of the Santa Cruz 6 speaker PCI soundcard.
SubZeroTech give us a SubZeroTech Fortis A91 heatsink Review.
Overclockers Club review the new Arctic Silver III, Arctic Silver II, Old Nanotherm, and the New Nanotherm thermal paste's.

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