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Wednesday Morning (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 27-October-2004  01:12:34 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in various web browsers that have 'tabbed' webpage support. This vulnerability may be exploited if a user has a malicious site open in one tab and at the same time visits a trusted site in another tab.

Half-life 2 has just been rated R(18+) by The Pan European Games Information. If it gets an 18+ rating here, then unfortunately it will be banned in Australia. The Australian Office of Film & Literature Classification (OFLC) has yet to give Half-life 2 a rating. More info here.

More Need For Speed Underground 2 screenshots have been posted on Gameconnect. This game sure looks to be like a good one. :)

One of Appletalk's moderators has managed to get MacOSX "Panther" booting on a 25MHz Centris via PearPC. Check it out here.

I think this may have been mentioned before, but the Doom 3 Movie has entered production phase. More info on THG.

A curious forum member poked around Alienware’s site to find that they could configure an SLI system based on an Intel Xeon platform and buy it today. Shipping is still scheduled for the 1st of December, but this marks the first time we have seen SLI from an NVIDIA partner. And, we also stumbled upon a PR page that isn’t listed anywhere on Alienware’s site. More info on PC Perspective and Hexus.

Rojak Pot has posted a Raid Optimization Guide.

The brand new nVidia Forceware 70.41 beta is now available to download from TCMagazine's site.

If you want to know how to create a content management system with php where you can make password protected pages that require to be registered, then this article should help you, but going through the code of a very basic CMS system and providing you the code to play around with.

OCModShop have an article on PCI-Express: First looks and the future.

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