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Thursday Morning News (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 2-December-2004  00:53:09 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

It was pretty sad news when Half-life 2 finally got to us and we didn't get the classic deathmatch style mode with it, but valve has surprised us all today with an early Christmas pressie! With the steam update today, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2 Source SDK, and various other tweaks and fixes were released. I gave Deathmatch a spin tonight, and I was very impressed from what I saw. Very immersive gameplay, but the Internode servers that I was playing on were that laggy that it was unplayable. Anyway, the guys over at OCModShop has had a closer look. There is a discussion in our Games forum about this, here.

Speaking of Half-life 2, which I have been a lot lately, bit-tech has a play with Half-life 2 and real world performance with a range of high-end and mainstream AGP video cards.

Heaps of people sent in news about Ziggy resigning from his position as CEO at Telstra, with a $2 million payout. There is a thread regarding this in our Current Events forum, here.

Hardware Analysis have some more details on the A64 90nm process, and why Intel is shipping millions of their processors, why AMD is on shipping 'a handful'.

Our friend Dan has more letters! In this issue: Bad-ass laptops in Oz, Christmas tree power, laser lines, speaker sticky, more gun smuggling, free car schemes, and toy guns you may never have heard of.

The gory first person shooter, Postal 2 has been banned completely in New Zealand. Some crazy penalties for even attempting to obtain the game.

Madshrimps has a new article posted, The TCCD-pire Strikes Back? Athlon 64 S754 Memory Roundup. We compare 5 different TCCD powered modules, discovering some surprising performance differences between them. To give the Samsung TCCD a worthy competitor we also include Winbond BH-6 over-volted results. How do they fair on an A64 S754 platform? Read on to find out.

Some people are pretty talented with their modding of computer cases, like this guy, who transferred a boring case to a pretty, flashy, UV reactive computer! He did pretty well for a guy that didn't even know how to use a dremel!

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