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Monday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 27-December-2004  10:45:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The big news of today is an unfortunate end to the year, with a 9.0 earthquake and tidal waves rocking SE Asia. Google have a thread running with the latest stories, thanks White Rhino. So far over 11,000 people have been reported killed. Relatives of Australians currently in the region can contact the DFAT hotline on 1800 00 22 14 for assistance.

ABIT's stockmarket woes continue, with the Taiwan Stock Exchange rejecting their request to allow their stock to trade normally.

OCOnline compared three P4 coolers in their latest roundup. OCAU recently compared Five Large P4 Coolers too.

Here's a cool idea, a parachute for small aircraft. Suddenly, an orange-and-white parachute as big as a house opened above the plane and gently landed his stricken aircraft in a rocky clearing.

CNN also reported on technology improvements in the Australian outback. Covering 24,000 square km (or about 6 million acres) of land, the station is the size of Belgium. With 16,000 cattle roaming, it is Australia's biggest cattle station and the world's biggest farm, six times larger than the biggest ranch in the United States.

Google released their 2004 Zeitgeist, showing the most popular search queries over the year. #1 is, of course, Britney Spears. Topping the "Computer Goods" list is tablet pc.

There's been a pile of Windows security exploits released, more info here.

TechSpot looked at three external TV Tuner / PVR devices from Transcend, Digistor and RTV.

BigBruin looked at five ways to backup your data.

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