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Monday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 10-January-2005  15:16:30 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Lots of coolers nowadays employ heatpipe technology. If you're wondering how these mysterious little tubes work, check out this new article on The Heatsink Guide.

LANAddict have a 3-way gaming mouse showdown, with the Mystify Mamba from TerraTec, the Viper from Razer, and the PistolMouse FPS from MonsterGecko. Definite reptilian theme there.

Sniper spotted this 500GB SATA-2 HDD on the way from Hitachi. If that's not big enough for you, Ambush found a 1.6TB RAID0 external storage with USB and Firewire interfaces.

From MrRevHead: After the recent postings about the XBox 2 hardware composition, i thought the following roadmaps may be of interest for some members, apparently Microsoft has applied for a US patent on the design on the 30th of December, 2004 (#20040263519). XBox 2 Patent-related article here.

Hexus looked at some Gainward goodies. TV Tuner, USB sound device and some headphones, all falling under Gainward's "Hollywood@Home" umbrella.

Sudhian have an editorial about performance in 2005 and how Intel, AMD and Apple will continue their fight to be the fastest, in an era where speed increases seem to have reached a plateau.

Just got some amusing spam: I would like to make out the order for the following amount of products from your company: 100 pieces of usb. I will be sending the above mentioned orders to a client in Western Africa. Ahh, those whacky Nigerians. Maybe they'd like some pieces of wireless, too.

From FREF99: I've just seen your post from Sunday about Panasonic Internet cameras, just to let you know I've produced a mobile web cam using cheap components (Atmel CPU,NE2000 network card, standard RC servo's) here's the OCAU forum thread. I imagine my system costs alot less than the panasonic system,OK you need a PC for the USB camera but the results are very enjoyable :-)

Overclex are a French hardware site with an impressive mod posted. It's in French, as you'd expect, but the pictures tell much of the story. Here's one picture to whet your appetite.

ArcticSquad meanwhile are a new Finnish site, with an English-language article about modding Gainward's GF6800LE. They also cover Intel's Pentium4 EE and 925XE chipset, which we looked at recently as well, here.

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