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Thursday Evening (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 3-February-2005  18:06:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

FearTec spotted this French review (translated) of Intel's 64-bit enabled P4. With final, this Pentium 4 6xx leaves us a very unpleasant impression: That to be only cows with milk, directed by the very powerful marketing of INTEL. No doubt that INTEL is able to do better than this processor. No doubt either that this one was voluntarily attached to appease such or such marketing strategy in the more or less long term (you said Smithfield?). Useless to speak either about P4 EE 3.73 GHz, which is a true stove setting: Often slower than the 3.46 GHz and costing the eyes of the head, it does not have any interest strictly.

Atomic have an article about the games classification scheme in Australia, including the lack of an R rating, which makes several games illegal to sell here.

GruntVille have their CES2005 coverage posted, as do eCoustics.

ArsTechnica have an article about AMD's Hammer, the 64-bit Architecture Behind the Opteron and Athlon 64.

A Westmead man has been charged with selling stolen goods on Ebay recently. McKay said a number of the illegally sold items had been recovered and is currently being returned to their rightful owners. With the help of a technology known as micro-dot, the police found it easier to track down the original owners of the properties.

TheTechZone have a wireless troubleshooting guide, in case your network is misbehaving.

HWAnalysis took a look at WinXP Media Center Edition, for home theatre PC's and the like.

Dan has more letters than you can shake a large cat at. More on the Cold Heat, WiFi through trees, DVD to RF, BitHead power, flashy electrocution risks, the AAAs that possibly ate a camera, Troy H's magic ray gun, and gibberish.

Choice Magazine compared a few operating systems in a recent article, thanks Bern. He notes this odd comment: We'd also like to see inbuilt antivirus software in all operating systems as the tested operating systems don't currently include a virus checker.

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