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Saturday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 5-February-2005  10:42:15 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Crusterminator sent in news about Telstra announcing a device that allows ADSL to be utilized up to 20km from an exchange. More info on Whirlpool.

A page of doodles found on Tony Blair's desk at last week's economic summit in Davos sparked a wave of excitement in the media. Read the full article here, thanks Matt!

From Mariomart: I have just watched a great video online at Crave Online showing the new range of Robosapien toys for later this year. There is also an article here giving more information.

Tech-Mods have a guide on properly gluing acrylic or plexi.

Tweakhound has a new article up Windows XP Backup Strategies For Home Users, it doesn't cover anything geeks don't already know, just the basics really. Topics covered are: Partitioning, XP's built-in backup methods, using Acronis Disk Director and Norton Ghost. It also points to other backup solutions.

Legion Hardware have the second part of the Sempron vs A64 Comparison posted up.

Acer made a huge whooopsie daisy when they accidently revealed lots of customer information on their site.

The Mac Mini has been overclocked from 1.25GHz to 1.42GHz. Thanks 'big'. :)

Andrew sent in a link with images from computing's history. We had a similar article posted here with pictures of very expensive (now old) hardware.

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