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Tuesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 22-February-2005  01:30:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

More coverage of the new P4 CPUs: Anandtech, Beyond3D, HardwareAnalysis and MBReview.

TomsHardware have an interesting article titled DRAM's Future Past, about how difficult it is to develop new products while the industry is in such a patent-litigation frenzy.

Xbit report that AMD have quietly started shipping entry-level 90nm S754 Sempr0n processors. According to various online stores, AMD Sempron processor 3000+ operates at 1.80GHz and has 128KB L2 cache, the Sempron 2800+ functions at 1.60GHz and is equipped with 256KB L2 cache, the Sempron model 2600+ runs at 1.60GHz and builds-in 128KB of L2 cache.

Sony and PizzaHut have partnered to provide in-game pizza ordering for Everquest II players. This makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective, but I'm more concerned about what it means for us as a species. :) There's more info about this kind of thing here on CNN, and Ctrl-Alt-Del have a comic strip about it.

Apparently over 54 million USB flash drives were sold worldwide last year.

Secunia report on a security issue with PuTTY, a popular freeware terminal program.

EliteBastards have an article about NVIDIA's TurboCache, as seen on their GeForce 6200 video cards.

A global warming study has apparently found an unequivocal link between manmade greenhouse gases and oceanic heating. The study destroys a central argument of global warming sceptics within the Bush administration - that climate change could be a natural phenomenon.

Lastly, a sad message from HeadlessT: It is with great sadness that I announce the tragic loss of forum member [T]iggerB. Brendan was in a fatal motocycle accident on the night of 20 February. He was a loving husband and father of one, and one of those people who would have done anything for his friends and family. Brendan will be greatly missed by all his workmates, friends and, most of all his family. From HeadlessT and all of Brendan's friends. :( RIP.

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