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Thursday Evening (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 17-March-2005  18:44:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sadly, Billy "Wicked" Wilson passed away recently. I didn't know him personally, but VoodooExtreme.com, which he founded, was one of the original enthusiast websites that started this whole online community off. It's never good to lose one of our community, especially not as young as 33. RIP.

On another serious note, Ma Baker pointed out this thread in our The Pub forum, about a bone marrow donor being urgently needed. If you're of part caucasian, part asian descent, you could literally save someone's life.

IBM are working on a mouse that compensates for shaky hands. The device is plugged between the mouse and the PC and works like the stabilization systems found in many camcorders.

Cassini has discovered an atmosphere on one of Saturn's moons. Enceladus is the most reflective object in the solar system, reflecting about 90 percent of the sunlight that hits it.

eWeek have an interesting article, wondering if Firefox is heading towards trouble. Forget about Microsoft coming out with IE 7 to challenge Firefox. If Firefox rots from the inside out - the way so many other programs, like the original Netscape browser, did - then it's not going anywhere much beyond where it is now.

Sony have renewed their fight to outlaw PS2 modchips in Australia. The case would be based on amendments to the Copyright Act flowing from the US Free Trade Agreement in January, he said.

PCReview have an article on protecting yourself against Spyware and Adware, while TheTechZone cover tape backup technology.

CoolTechZone ponder the future of air-cooling. Seems to be pretty strong sledge at Intel in places.

TheTechZone have conference reports from IDF and GDC. SilentPCReview have IDF coverage also. Meanwhile, more CeBIT coverage: Day 3 on TechPowerUp, Part 5 on HWZ, graphics vendors on Beyond3D and XFX Smart Car on Hexus.

Hexus also has some nForce4 SLI for P4 benchmarks.

Apple users will be reeling in confusion soon, with a two-button mouse on the way, thanks Ambush.

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