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Friday Reviews (21 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 1-April-2005  04:41:51 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Now, lets see if I can remember how to do this news stuff. How long has it been, a year? More, I think. I have to click on this thing then paste this bit in here and ...

AMD specialist site AMDBoard, have some new info and a photo of the internals of AMDs upcoming AMD64 Dual Core CPU. "Made in 90nm the current revision of the design has 205 millions transistors for the same size as a 130nm single-core Opteron design and runs at an incredible 95W!". Check it out here.

On the subject of AMD, Neoseeker have done an Athlon 64 Overclocking Study. "We decided to do a quantitative study on how much each aspect matters and today at Neoseeker we look at how HyperTransport speed, CPU Bus Speed, memory speed and overall clock speed affect performance on the Athlon64." Check it out at Neoseeker.

The Tech Zone have posted a beginner's guide to Voice Over IP. "VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very simply, a method for taking ordinary analog audio signals and turning them into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet." Read the article here.

Ecoustics have an article all about Sound Isolation and Noise Control. It might be good read for those living in close quarters with others who don't appreciate the sound of shreiking crab monsters being blown away at 2am. While you're there you can check out their Essential Guide to Home Theater Speaker Placement.

Corsair have published a detailed Application Note on memory performance. "Speed is easy to understand - in general, faster is better. But what do the latency settings mean? And, what impact do they have on memory performance? This paper will provide a brief background on latency settings and what they mean." The document is in PDF format and is 650Kb in size. You can find it right here.

Digian sent in this link to Adrians Rojakpot where there is some info and a photo of a new Asus notebook, the Asus V6000V. Its a quick preview and not a full review, but it does look sweet.

The folks over at Design Technica have an article which tries to explain the differences between HDTV, SDTV and DTV. What a neat idea. Pictures that move! Check it out at Designtechnica.

The CoolTechZone have a write up titled The Growth of Linux in Business and Governments. Its aimed at the European sector but makes for an interesting read none the less.

HardwareZone have posted their coverage of the CeBIT Hannover 2005 event. Lots of info and pictures here.

TweakTown put some 16x dual layer DVD recorders to the test. Asus Vs Gigabyte head to head.

A1 Electronics.net show you how to fit a water cooler heatsink system in to a Thermaltake Kandalf computer case. Kandalf? Is it old and wise with a long white beard?

The Tech Zone go on a rant over the high cost of inkjet cartridge refills, and so they should. How can these printer manufacturers get away with virtually giving the printers away and then hit us up for our first born just to refill the ink? Hmm, maybe I'm missing something in that. Anyway, read it here.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a computer that was small enough to carry around with you everywhere you went, and light enough to hang off your keychain without ripping the steering wheel off? How about one that was about the size of an RJ45 connector. Thanks leperMessiah for the link.

d0t-bat sent in some info about a new gaming site for WAIX users called XWAIX. Thats gotta be good news for those living on the nice side of the country :)

Adrian wants to remind everyone in South Australia that Valhalla LAN is happening soon on April 23rd and 24th.

Ptooey sent in this link which states "On February the 28th 2005, at 12.08 local time, the Koenigsegg CCR broke the production road car speed record". How did they get an egg to travel that fast? (Boiled it in a microwave? *snicker* - Sciby)

Thats all for now.

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