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Monday Afternoon News (21 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 4-April-2005  14:44:22 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Bytesector take a look at the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable). A very neat looking toy which does more than just play games. I remember games, I played one once.

Speaking of portable devices, this Samsung Portable DVD Player could come in handy, for my kids. Might keep them quiet in the back seat.

Sharkx just sent word that his Gmail storage has gone from 1000Mb to 2055Mb, and its growing!!!

XbitLabs have posted an article titled AMD Athlon 64 3800+ CPU: E3 Processor Core aka Venice at the Door. Bit of a mouthful but an interesting read. Thanks Warhamster.

A USB ghost detector. Just what we all need on those late nights of computer quietness. "...beeps and flashes red lights in response to “unusual magnetic waves” meaning it will let you know when you’re in the presence of those beyond the grave" Have a look here. Thanks Loop Goose.

2CPU have a Home Theatre PC Guide for those wanting to put a PC to good use, instead of browsing silly forums and web sites all day. "If you can deal with lower-end performance, a limitation or two and an enclosure that isn't overly sexy, this probably won't be that expensive of a project. For a lot of us, it could be accomplished simply by using recycled, second-hand hardware."

Short Media have a guide to Slipstreaming a Windows XP installation disk. "Installing Windows can be a pain. First there is the hour long session with the operating system. Don't forget to press F6 if you are using SATA drives. Then there is the boredom of connecting to the Internet to download and install the service packs and updates. Slipstreaming a Windows XP installation disk is the answer and there is a simple and easy way to create your own Windows installation disk complete with the latest service pack(s), updates and disk drivers with a free program called nLite."

Do you think yourself a pretty good gamer? Try your hand at this. "e-Gaming Solutions (EGS) announce their partnership with Ligarena (Ligarena) to host the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) 2005 Australian Preliminaries, the World's Premier Professional Gaming Tournament. Five cities, twelve qualifiers, and over one thousand gamers will compete for an all expenses paid spot in the ESWC 2005 Finals in Paris, France and the chance to contend against the top echelon of competitive teams in the world." $15,000 up for grabs!

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