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Wednesday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 6-April-2005  15:32:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dopefish spotted this land walker giant robot thing. I don't know if it actually works, or what the significance of the pink squishy ball is, but it looks very cool.

ViperLair wonder if RAID systems can fail. Err, yes, they can. ARP meanwhile cover Intel's Matrix RAID, which we looked at in some detail here recentlyish.

From Iroquois: Hitachi looking at 1TB desktop drives, 20GB micro drives by 2007. This is thanks to perpendicular recording, which is explained here in a great little animation. :D THG meanwhile report it as 5TB and 60GB respectively. Big, anyway.

ArTy spotted this lengthy rant on TheInq, about the state of the hardware review industry. Interesting stuff, but I haven't seen or heard of any of it happening on any Australian sites. We've only ever been directly approached for a "cash for comments" thing once, and I basically laughed at them. Sadly, this article doesn't detail where I can sign up to be paid $20k for a positive product review. :)

LegitReviews have broken the 1000MHz DDR2 memory speed barrier.

PowerManagementDesignLine (phew) have an interesting article about intelligent thermal control for laptops. Small spaces and power restrictions are just part of the problem.

Sniper sent in this shark-shaped submarine being used by Jacques Cousteau's grandson.

Bearacade spotted this lap pillow which, well.. just look at it.

ArsTechnica compared desktop search tools from Google, Yahoo, Copernic, Microsoft and Ask Jeeves.

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