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Friday Morning (14 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 29-April-2005  01:55:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

For a large corporation that tries to think different about things, Apple certainly behaves just like the stereotype sometimes. Now they're retaliating to an unauthorised biography of Steve Jobs by removing the publisher's other books from Apple store shelves.

Gary_J spotted someone who takes their home theatre very seriously. Lots of pics.

Preparation continues for the Large Hadron Collider coming online, with another successful test of the supercomputing grid that will process the data it produces. The total amount of data transmitted during the (10-day) challenge -- some 500 terabytes -- would take about 250 years to download using a typical 512 kilobit per second household broadband connection.

Speaking of tests, the new cruise ship of the sky, the Airbus A380, concluded its first test flight successfully. The $285-million A380 is 15 metres wider, four metres higher, two metres longer and 118 tons heavier than the 747 jumbo, which helped change the airline business. In full economy configuration it can seat over 800 people!

TCMag have some Serious Sam 2 screenshots.

Sciby found this cool drinking glass design which is intended to reduce the risk of drink spiking.

TechReport compared A64 chipsets with PCI Express. But between the latest core logic options from ATI and ULi, NVIDIA, SiS, and VIA, which chipset has the most desirable blend of features and best performance? Join us as we sift through spec sheets and pour over a slew of benchmark results to find out.

Raven noticed this screen-cleaning website. Very cute! Has sound, too. Update: Bah, seems to have gone away. Here's another copy, presented slightly differently.

Anandtech compared enormous LCD's of the 20" variety from Dell and Apple. As unique as Apple's Cinema display might be in the world of 19" to 21" flat panel displays, it shares the same LG.Philips panel as the Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW. There happens to be only a single panel manufacturer capable/willing to mass produce wide screen, high resolution flat panel displays for the PC market.

TomsHardware have a pile of new toys being shown off by various vendors. See what made us salivate as we got a sneak peak of what to expect from the networking, memory, storage and display channels during the coming weeks.

There's a new version of CPU-Z, which tells you all kinds of interesting stuff about your CPU etc. It can now tell you if you have a dual-core CPU! I can tell you that too: you don't.

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