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 Sunday, 8-May-2005  19:06:49 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some of these are from back in April, but we only received them this week.. strange.

Australia's Attorney-General Department is investigating the possibility of a "fair use" amendment to the Copyright Act. "The Government is aware developments in digital technology are changing the way people use copyright material," Mr Ruddock said. "Many Australians believe quite reasonably they should be able to record a television program or format-shift music from their own CD to an iPod or MP3 player without infringing copyright law. However, this issue needs careful consideration," he said. ... "I know there is intense interest in this issue and I look forward to receiving public submissions," Mr Ruddock said. More info in this 57KB PDF.

The Attorney-General Department also made some new appointments to the Classification Review Board. The Classification Review Board is responsible for reviewing, upon application, Classification Board decisions regarding films, publications and computer games on behalf of the Australian, State and Territory Governments. The Review Board is comprised of individuals so that, as a whole, it is broadly representative of the Australian community. Review Board members, as statutory appointees, endeavour to make decisions, applying the classification tools, which reflect as objectively as possible what they consider to be the standards of reasonable adults in the community, rather than the personal standards of members. More info in this 54KB PDF.

ASUS announced the P5WD2 Premium motherboard. To provide a computing solution that blends into users’ daily life, the all-new motherboard incorporated ASUS Intelligence (AI) features, which delivers enhancements in TV functions, wireless connection, noiseless cooling and automatic performance adjustment. Combined with support for the dual-core CPU platform, the P5WD2 Premium is a complete package made for complex multi-tasking and a comfortable computing experience. More info in this 81KB DOC.

EVGA announced that Alienware will use their GeForce 6800 Ultra 512MB in their high-end desktop systems. The EVGA e-GeForce 6800 Ultra 512MB PCI-Express graphics card, one of the first 512MB cards in the market, was built with the high standards of the recently announced EVGA Genuine Spec, which provides assurance to consumers that the video card they buy is accurately and correctly designed to meet NVIDIA's actual and original design specification. More info here.

GeCube announced a 512MB Radeon X800XL video card. Equipped with the ATI X800XL VPU and 512MB of GDDR 3 high speed memory, the GECUBE RADEON® X800XL graphics card supports DX9 for 3D performance while creating the perfect gaming experience with movie-quality graphics. More info here.

Matrox released 64-bit Windows drivers for some of their AGP, PCI and PCI Express video products. The Matrox 64-bit SE drivers support both AMD64 processors and 64-bit Intel® Xeon processors. With this release, Matrox continues its distinguished tradition of delivering high-quality, reliable, and future-proof graphics solutions to professional markets, with real-world benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency. More info in this 28KB DOC.

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