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Friday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-May-2005  03:09:23 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Mars rover Opportunity is having a little sand dune trouble on the surface of Mars. This is not the first time a rover has encountered a wheel problem. In June 2004, Spirit's right front wheel became balky. Spirit overcame the problem by driving in reverse, allowing it to drag the faulty wheel while driving itself with its five other wheels. Meanwhile, Cassini has found yet another moon around Saturn, bringing the known total to 47.

TechReport look at three dual-Opteron motherboards supporting PCI Express.

Sniper spotted a story on Parajet flying. It's not new technology, but it looks like a lot of fun. It's the ultimate feeling of freedom. It's like riding a three-dimensional motorbike. He also sent in these amazing rendered pictures on another forum.

HotHardware are the latest to compare HyperMemory vs TurboCache, in the budget video card arena. If you are budget focussed, TechSpot's low-end PC buyer's guide may be of interest.

From Hyrax1: A very well done rendition of Star Wars featuring fruit and vegies - it's an advertisement for organic food versus chemically treated food and it's very funny. Check it out.

You can win yourself a copy of Unreal Championship 2 for Xbox over on HardAvenue. It's an Australian competition.

TBreak fitted a small PC with an even smaller LCD screen.

Some basic guides: replacing a motherboard without reinstalling Windows on PCStats, protecting your PC against invasions and really deleting your files on HWSecrets, taking portrait photos on TheTechZone.

Here's huge pile of security-related news from Paul: Microsoft grants licenses left and right. Security Live CD paradise. Missing backup tapes spur encryption at Time Warner. Search recent TV programs online. Papal succession fuels April religious spam blitz. Shark Tank: What the @#$%! Is This? Cisco hacker arrested. Social engineering tricks by virus writers took a strange twist this week after hackers bundled malicious code with pictures of a famous dead albino gorilla. Microsoft last week pulled the plug on an online security competition after it emerged that system flaws enabled entrants to manipulate their scores. A security hole in Dashboard could expose users of Apple Computer's new Tiger operating system to attack, and may put personal information like passwords and credit card data at risk. eBay con man sentenced. Webseminar: phishing and pharming. What if the bad guys found ways to infiltrate your computer through the very antivirus software that you thought was protecting you? A new cyber-war aimed at Tokyo. SANS study: Hackers aren't just picking on Microsoft. That should keep you busy for a while!

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