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Tuesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 17-May-2005  15:12:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Top story today is that Sony have unveiled their PlayStation 3 at E3, a big entertainment convention in the USA. Coverage on GameSpot, DesignTechnica and ByteSector. There's a thread with more info here in our Other Toys forum. Unfortunately it won't be available until 2006.

Speaking of E3, eroda sent in a link to Gamespot's live video coverage of the event. GAMESPOT'S NONSTOP, FULL-BLAST VIDEO COVERAGE. This year, we're going all-out: E3 Live, a continuous live video presentation lasting the entire duration of the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Every minute of every hour of every day--and more. And yet.. "WE'RE OFF THE AIR. WE'LL BE BACK ON IN: 12 hours 54 mins 45 secs". Brilliant.

Sudhian wonder if 3DMark really predicts game performance or not. To date, FutureMark only allows certain approved optimizations in its ‘official’ driver recommendations, which raises the murky issue between drivers and cheats all over again. My simple answer is: maybe. Which is why you should use it in conjuction with other, real-world benchmarks, not in isolation.

SilentPCReview explained their hard drive testing methodology. The bulk of the noise produced by a hard drive comes from the electric motor that spins the discs. This is the noise you hear when the drive is idling. Except when first turned on and spinning up to speed, the drive is at a constant speed, so the noise at idle is always present.

Xbit report that PQI have joined Corsair and OCZ on the 1000MHz DDR2 podium. It is uncertain when memory modules officially certified to function at 1GHz reach the market and what the actual price on such components would be.

Bit-Tech rounded up a few SLI motherboards for testing. In this part, we're looking at 4 SLI motherboards, including offerings from Asus, DFI, Gigabyte and MSI. We've put them through their paces, evaluating their real-world gaming performance, as well as the included bundles and their overclockability.

MadShrimps follow up with an AMD64 CPU Cooler roundup. In this massive A64 heatsink roundup we compare 17 cooling solutions from different manufactures including Scythe, TTIC, Arctic Cooling, Thermaltake, Titan, Thermalright, Zalman and Coolermaster.

From RnR: Bees uses dance to tell other bees the location of food. This idea have never been proven before, but using radar now it has. The image below the article is worth the clicking. :)

Callan notes that NASA seems likely to save Hubble after all. Griffin is proceeding with plans to send a shuttle mission to repair and upgrade Hubble, reversing a controversial decision by his predecessor Sean O'Keefe to simply let the telescope die. Yay!

A pile of stuff from Tekka: Toshiba Develops 45-Gbyte HD DVD Disc. Windows for India, others won't run on faster chips. Microsoft Readies Its Antivirus App. Google adds movie reviews. Google Video BETA. Intel: next-gen dual-cores not NetBurst. The Truth About Windows Genuine Advantage.

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