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Friday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-May-2005  11:32:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ArsTechnica have part 1 of a detailed Xbox360 article posted. More coverage on TheTechZone and an interview with ATI about the Xbox360 on Bit-Tech. WindowsForDevices think they know what O/S the new console runs on. TheTechZone also have Sony PS3 info from E3, while Bit-Tech say the PS3 GPU is still in development. Designtechnica wrap up with some Console Wars musings.

TechIMO have their E3 coverage posted, while Pimprig have a booth babes gallery.

TechSpot compared some mice. The contenders today are from Logitech: the MX1000 and MX518, from Razer: the Viper and Diamondback, and from Microsoft: the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer, and the Optical Mouse by S+ARCK.

NewScientist have a fascinating article titled 11 steps to a better brain. There are lots of tricks, techniques and habits, as well as changes to your lifestyle, diet and behaviour that can help you flex your grey matter and get the best out of your brain cells.

PhysOrg report on multi-level nanostructures possibly being the future of super-high-capacity optical storage.

AMDBoard have pics and info on an 8-way Opteron board from IWill which is dual-core ready. Hmm, cooling between those CPU boards will be interesting.

This is not safe for work, and pretty crude, but what the heck, I chuckled. b3ta have some phallic logo awards, which should serve as a warning to graphics designers, thanks te_kin. Reminds me of the hubbub over a recent logo change by a certain ISP.

From Eroda: i found some interesting firefox extensions: a band width tester, tetris like game - great time waster, control any media player from this (well most) i love this one custom skins as well, text editor - need to restart firefox.

Paul spotted a report on a trojan that encrypts your files and demands a ransom to get them back. An email address is supplied through which users are supposed to request for their files to be released after paying a ransom of $200.

MadShrimps wonder if highspeed memory is really required for A64 gaming. We don´t think so, we think having memory faster then PC3200 is overkill and does not improve real world performance one bit.

From Nick: Disney have released their beta version of Virtual Magic Kingdom to the public. VMK lets you experience the magic of Disney Theme Parks from anywhere at any time. Explore the hidden mysteries of Adventureland, travel back in time down Main Street, take an enchanted journey into Fantasyland® or conquer a bold adventure in Tomorrowland® - right from home!

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