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Press Releases (2 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-May-2005  17:52:42 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ASUS announced that their P5WD2 motherboard is the first Intel 955X chipset motherboard to provide native memory support up to DDR2-1066 or more. By unleashing the true potential of DDR2 memory standards, the P5WD2 Premium delivers superior overclocking capability for memory and overall system performance. More info in an 83KB DOC here.

Corsair unveiled XMS2-8000UL DDR2 memory. Available immediately in both single module and dual kit packages and rated to run at aggressive latency settings of 5-4-4-9, the new XMS2-8000UL was developed in collaboration with ASUS® Computer for its latest Intel® i955X chipset based motherboard, the P5WD2 Premium. Backed with a life time warranty and a potential to be overclocked to 1066+ Mhz, Corsair's new XMS2-8000UL complements ASUS' P5WD2 Premium motherboard as the ultimate choice for enthusiasts. More info in a 158KB PDF here.

Corsair also announced some new flash memory products. The new Corsair Secure Digital (SD) and type I Compact Flash (CF) media are now rated at blazing fast 60X (9 MB/sec) or 80X (12MB/sec). Designed with the advanced users and photo journalists in mind who demand performance with uncompromising reliability, Corsair's new high speed flash memory products are compatible with most popular digital cameras and handheld devices. More info in a 163KB PDF here.

ECS announced their PF5 Extreme motherboard, based on Intel's new 945P chipset, for LGA775 P4's up to 1066MHz FSB. I.O.C. enables the system to automatically boost frequency to enhance overall performance by intelligently detecting the CPU loads. On the other hand, ECSonic II allows users to adjust the overclocking of the frequency or voltage on CPU, PCI Express x16 slots and DIMMs by themselves. The combination of I.O.C. and ECSonic II provides users with the utmost overclocking flexibility. More info here.

GeIL announced an extreme low latency version of its Ultra-X series DDR. "In the lab, our engineers are able to post the newest UltraX-XL DDR 400MHz module at CL 1.5-5-2-2 with 2.5V to 3.6V power consumption on the DFI-SLI-DR motherboard." Jeff Hsieh, Chief Executive Officer of GeIL said. "These newly released Extreme Low Latency modules came with GeIL's latest EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) technology which offers extra peace of mind for hardcore gamers who demand more." More info here.

VIA released their new C7 "Esther" processor, which they claim is the world's smallest, lowest power and mose secure native x86 processor. Initially to be launched at speeds of up to 2.0GHz, the VIA C7 processor boasts the highly efficient VIA V4 bus interface with speeds of up to 800MHz with competitive write bandwidth and linear ordering modes, as well as SSE2 and SSE3 support for enhanced multimedia performance, and 128KB of both L1 and L2 on-die cache memory. More info in the press release here, product page here and there's a thread in our VIA Hardware forum here.

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