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Sunday Night (8 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-May-2005  23:02:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Telstra has scrapped plans for retail VoIP for at least another year. "The trial found that the consumer experience was below expectations in terms of voice quality and reliability." Update: Apparently they've changed their minds, thanks ho_k.

Voyager 1 and 2 continue to boldly go, reporting back from the very farthest edges of the Solar System. Still operating in remote, cold and dark conditions 27 years later, the Voyagers could last until 2020.

BigBruin have some thermal images of some DFI motherboards. Everyone knows the importance of cooling computer components, and we'll see what areas on these boards may need extra cooling for optimum performance.

FiringSquad have a guide to unlocking extra pipelines on AGP GeForce 6800's. But what if you could turn the 12-pipeline GeForce 6800 into an even more powerful 16-pipeline card without spending a dime?

Xbit have a detailed article on the NetBurst architecture of Intel's P4 CPUs. All developersí efforts were dedicated not that much to the increase in the number of commands performed per clock cycle but to reaching the highest frequency possible for the same production process as that used for P6 architecture.

In this thread, Cathar points out a video showing how not to watercool a hard drive.

Dan has more letters: PC remotes, surround headphones, USB laptop charging, cheap LED lights, yet another fuel saver, low voltage electrocution, another little MPV player, Jesus on music sharing, and a flame-throwing hearse.

Hexus spotted a 4-way Xeon system from IWill at Computex which uses an unusual memory riser setup.

BleedinEdge report on a voltage problem on DFI nForce4 boards. If you own 1 of these boards and have the jumper set to 5 volts, DFI Tech support in the USA recommend changing it back to the 3.3 volt setting until DFI R&D in Taiwan can fix the problem. Seems to be a lot of debate about the existence of this issue at the moment.

ExtremeTech address the price vs performance ratio of dual-core CPUs from Intel and AMD. The discrepancy casts the differences between AMD and Intel into sharp focus.

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