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Friday Night (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 15-July-2005  22:49:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Reax spotted an article with some worrying claims about display technology under Longhorn. If OPM determines that your monitor falls below the security restrictions (i.e. isnít DVI or HDMI w/HDCP), you could be greeted with a "polite message explaining that [your monitor] doesnít meet security requirements." However thetron noticed a possible way around this.

Fortunately Sciby has found an example of technology being used for good.. that is, making beer pour faster. Once he found a way to pour the beer faster and with just the right amount of foam, he had to make certain that the new delivery system did nothing to change the product's taste.

Tarrasque sent in this re-telling of A Few Good Men, using the Half-Life 2 game engine.

White Rhino noticed this double-vision LCD screen from Sharp, that allows people at different angles to view different programs. Meanwhile Murray found a flexible LCD panel from Fujitsu that keeps the image displayed, even without power.

Tech-Report looked at uber-high-resolution gaming with two 7800 GTX's in SLI. What we found is that there are some very good reasons for the GeForce 7800 GTX's relatively strong performance at very high resolutions, reasons that go beyond the card's additional pixel shading power and memory bandwidth.

Tweaktown meanwhile took an A64 FX-57 to 3.54GHz with phase-change cooling.

Designtechnica report on extreme printers. Righto then.

ArsTechnica ponder IBM's recent announcement of new PowerPC CPUs in the wake of Apple announcing they're not using PowerPC CPUs anymore. Hannibal lifts the embargo on some information that he had been holding close to the vest, and there are a couple of surprises. DVHardware also have some thoughts about businesses moving to Macs that are Intel powered.

Deepspring noticed that Opera may include BitTorrent functionality soon.

BigBruin want to tell you how to choose a laptop, while PC Mech want to tell you how to buy a printer and TheTechLounge have a high-end PC buyer's guide.

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