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Tuesday Early AM (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 19-July-2005  00:30:26 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

"Whatís an LP?" I heard someone ask recently, followed by a lengthy explanation about how before the days of CDs, music came on these large black plastic disks. They are still available. The folks at Designtechnica have a rant about why these things refuse to die, or maybe its all about why the people who own them refuse to die. Interesting!

When was the last time you backed-up your hard drive? BonaFideReviews want to tell us Why we need a backup plan in place. If you're at all like me then its something you do once or twice a year then forget about until after the crash.

Socket A is dead! Well, its not, but it is heading that way. Andy_o sent a link to this article about the last batch of Socket A CPUs to be made. There is a forum thread about it here also. I might have to think about upgrading soon.

Also on The Inquirer is some info about the latest version of Zone Alarm which they claim has cracked the spyware problem. Wouldn't that be nice.

"Apple sells 500 million songs via iTunes" and it only took them two years.

It seems the Firefox Website was hacked last weekend. Nothing tragic but it did leave the site down for a day or two. Also on the topic of Firefox, users of Internet Explorer are turning to Firefox as the next alternative with Firefox claiming 8.7% of browser use. IE use fell from 87.2% to 86.5%.

You might have seen this already but on TechSpot you can find a handy Firefox Tweak Guide. Good for those making the switch to FF.

The US government controls the root DNS system, without which, most of the Internet would fail to operate as it does today. The DNS system is comprised of 13 computers which hold the master lists of net suffixes, and is managed by private companies under the supervision of the US government. The United Nations are not altogether happy about this.

"Free Beer for Geeks". Thatís the title of this article on Wired about a group of college students producing open-source beer. Sounds good to me.

Remember Winzip, that handy little program which would turn big files into little files and dates back to the dark ages of Dos and PKZip ? Well, its been sold. It seems the shareware concept isn't as profitable as it once was.

Thatís all for now. Reviews to follow shortly.

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