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Wednesday Afternoon (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-July-2005  17:08:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Today is the anniversary of the first manned moon landing, on July 20th 1969. Dopefish noticed that Google are celebrating in their own way, making some NASA lunar maps available. Zoom all the way in for maximum detail!

There's another patch for Firefox and Thunderbird, because the one last week didn't work properly.

Next time you have a Windows problem, call for a 9 year old to help. Well, you probably would anyway, but this one's actually certified, thanks Sciby.

CDRInfo have info on a prototype 30GB HD DVD-R disc from Toshiba. To make an HD-DVD disc double-layered, the company needed to reduce the thickness of the Ag reflection layer, located close to the optical head so that the laser beam can reach the other layer (Layer 0) more easily.

They also looked at Crossfire vs SLI in the dual videocard arena.

If you lived in America, you could take part in this IBM 75GXP class action suit. If not, you can arrange your Deathstars into an ornate and high-tech rock garden. Or throw them in the bin, as I've done with all four of mine.

The Doom movie looms ever closer. Already, there is a petition of some 1700 fans concerned about key changes to the established Doom Universe. While the film follows the basic plot of the game - an invasion of an off-world military installation, the location is not Mars, Deimos, or Phobos but "Olduvai".

SharkyExtreme have updated their value gaming system buyer's guide. Most of these guides nowadays seem to just be big PriceGrabber link spamfests, but fortunately the Shark guide seems spam free.

Phoronix cover Slax Linux Live 5.0.6, a cool little Linux distro that can fit on a thumbdrive.

Phil sent in this TheInq article about East Fork, new DRM technology from Intel. Remember there was a time when something called fair use existed? Remember when you could rip a CD to your MP3 player to listen to in your car, or while out biking? That was and is called fair use. Up to date "Fair Use" laws is another thing we don't have in Australia, sadly.

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