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Wednesday Morning News (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 27-July-2005  05:16:22 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

From Bollocks, the Folding Master. The Folding team is having another Giveaway with some great prizes to be won, donated by our ever generous team member datsun1600 with Plus Corp and LowNoise PC. This Giveaway has a twist. It will be a State of Origin Shoot Out, with the members that nominate aligned with their favorite state. There will be an international team as well. The team with the greatest % increase over their base score will be the winner. The main prize will be awarded to a member from the winning team. This will be drawn at random. The Shoot out will be run over four weeks starting next Monday the 1st of August. There will also be bragging rights to the team that produces the most points as the "State of Origin: Big Guns". To start Folding, have a look at This Page to help you get started and then nominate yourself in This Thread in the DC forum. Come on and join in the fun and help keep OCAU the top Folding team in the world.

The folks at Hardware Secrets seem to get around. They take us with them on a tour through the Lexmark HQ in Lexington Kentucky USA. They want us to "Check it out how was our visit there and understand why ink cartridges are not so cheap." They also take a tour through the Kingston Factory in Shanghai, China.

Yahoo has announced their purchase of Konfabulator. What’s a Konfabulator I hear you ask? Well, its "a Macintosh and Windows application that allows users to run mini files known as Widgets on their desktop -- the same model used by Apple for its Dashboard application." I guess the best part is that Yahoo are giving it away for free. Thanks Ambush.

Mini-ITX systems come in all shapes and sizes, well, actually they only really come in small size. Paul managed to find this Supra-Server Mini system that looks great. A little bit like BlueSmurf's GTRPC before it was stolen. Different car though...

Some news from Sniper, that AMD has leapt past the 10 percent market share for x86 server chips. "Revenue generated by Opteron rose 89 percent from the first quarter to the second, according to AMD.".

Guru3D have updated their nVidia tweaking tool, NVHARDPAGE. With this tweak utility you can enable/disable hidden features in nVidia control panel, tweak nVidia Direct3D and OpenGL settings and overclock your nVidia display adapter.

If Graphics Shaders are a mystery to you, then this article at Bit-Tech should help you out a bit. They aim to de-mystify Shaders.

Futurelooks and Sandisk have some good info about how to look after your Flash Cards while traveling. Hot or cold, dry or wet.

At DVHardware you will find an Introduction to VoIP for those thinking of playing around with it.

Mikhailtech have posted a Basic System Buyer's Guide for July.

Felix sends word of a planned new Super Computer to be built in Japan. One of those would come in handy for our Folding Team.

Dan has more answers for those who keep writing to him. This time its all about Scams Scams Scams.

Adrian's Rojak Pot have just posted a Desktop Graphics Card Comparison. He's up to Revision 9.0 now.

EYE I.T play around with AMD's "Cool N Quiet" Technology found in all the latest AMD 64 CPUs. Cool n quiet slows the cpu clock down by changing the multiplier when the cpu is not under heavy load.

Seems as though the war against Spammers is heating up, and about time to. Although I think a lengthy jail sentence would be preferable to this. Thanks eroda.

For the Melbourne-ish people, there is a small LAN happening soon at LaTrobe Uni, Bundoora. August 6/7, starting at about 12am (noon) on the Saturday and continuing until about the same on Sunday. Full details available in this thread. Get along.

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