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Tuesday Early AM (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 2-August-2005  02:16:46 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

It's that time again. The OCAU Iron Photographer challenge is on again. With 57 entries for the July challenge its not going to be easy picking a favourite. Have a browse though the contenders and nominate your choice of the Top Ten. Once a Top Ten has been decided we will all have the chance to vote the winning entry. The August Challenge has begun so if you think you can go out and snap a shot to suit the theme, then feel free to enter the challenge.

For those new to digital photography, or thinking of taking the plunge then this article might be worth a read. "For anyone who considers their photography skills better than amateur, items such as automatic screen calibrators, portable image viewers and the like can go a long way towards achieving superior images".

Microsoft recently introduced a new system for acquiring updates to Windows XP. The idea was that unless you could prove that you legally owned your copy of XP then the Windows Update site would give you little more than the regular security improvements. It seems that it took a whole 24hrs for someone to find a way around it. I'm told that the full info on how to go about it can be found on the net. There seems to be at least a couple of ways to defeat it. Thanks eroda and Tony.

In other news, Overclocker Cafe' have posted up a roundup of the Intel Dual Core mainboard offerings from Foxconn. The roundup includes the i945 based Foxconn 945G7MA and 945P7AA, one of which is Micro ATX form factor. The third board in the round up is Foxconn's flagship product, the Foxconn 955X7AA which offers all that you would expect with a flagship product... at least that is what they tell me.

AMD has just released another processor to their dual-core 64-bit lineup: the 3800+ X2. This chip will be the lowest cost CPU on the dual-core product line, and as such will act as an "entry-level" chip to the dual-core market, and is aimed to compete against the Intel 820 and 830. Read for more specs and benchmarks. Read the Whole Article for all the info.

AMDboard have reached a milestone with 100 AMD socket 939 motherboard designs listed with many new links to photos and specifications. Here is a complete list of the motherboards they have in their list.

When talking about efficiency between single and dual core CPUs, who does it better ... Intel or AMD? T-Break try to find the answer.

CoolTechZone investigate ECS Hybrid Motherboards and look to the future of this series. "I am certain ECS wonít completely degrade the quality or limit the extreme BIOS options of its "Extreme" line of motherboards with the PF88, so expecting a 100 percent disappointing enthusiast board wouldnít be true, or vice versa."

The E core revision of the AMD Athlon 64 processor features an enhanced integrated memory controller. XbitLabs discuss what has been improved compared with the previous controller version, namely, how the new Athlon 64 CPUs work with four memory modules and what benefits the DDR500 SDRAM support has brought these processors.

Printing web pages in Internet Explorer can be a real pain. Fortunately the Internet Explorer developers realized this. In IE7 Beta 1 you can already see some of the improved features and DVHardware give them a run-down.

Mark at A1 Electronics has put together a list of the current range of Intel Pentium 4, D dual-core, EE & M and Celeron D & M processors with all the details necessary from number, speed and cache etc to enable you to make an easy choice from the many different processor types, speeds and versions that are available.

The TechZone have a quick how-to on cleaning your laser printers. Full article here.

"Five Ways To Block SPAM" is the title of an article on BigBruin. I love reading anything which might help reduce the amount of rubbish I get in my email box each day. Full article Here.

Thetron sent in this interesting, yet amusing article titled How to Make a Solar Power Generator for Less Than $300. The graphics are awesome. Thanks Tron.

OC-Service recently put some speakers to the test. The AV2006 and the other, richer TH2006 series from Modecom. Read the article to see how they stack up.

Beyond3D had a chance to sit down and chat with nVidia's CEO and visionary Jen-Hsun Huang. They had a few questions for him.

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