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Wednesday Afternoon (11 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-August-2005  12:49:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

For a quicker way of navigating around OCAU, try the new OCAU Quicklinks. There's a thread for discussing them here.

Here's a nicely-finished project to convert a DVD player into an MP3 PC complete with case window in the PCDB.

HardOCP have a preview glimpse of the FalanX Mali200, an integrated graphics core that may bring top-flight performance in 2006.

If you're a bored photographer, check out the list of interesting places to photograph around Australia, recently added to our Wiki. Remember we have a busy Photography Forum, too.

One interesting repercussion of the recent "10th planet" discovery is that people are reconsidering if we should call Pluto a planet after all. I think we should keep calling it a planet, even if we wouldn't classify it as one if it were discovered today.

Thetron spotted a little trick you might want to try next time you're in a hurry, and in an elevator.

Here's a lengthy but interesting report on Defcon, a recent security conference in Las Vegas. Anyone naive enough to access the Internet through the hotel's unsecured wireless system could see their name and part of their passwords scrolling across a huge public screen. It was dubbed the "The Wall of Sheep".

Unfortunately, one guy who exposed a Cisco security problem is being investigated by the FBI and sued.

David345 spotted this Gallery of GUIs, with desktops from right back to the Xerox Alto and beyond.

"2005 Motorcycle Awareness Week" is on in NSW during October. If you're a rider, or want to become one, check out our dedicated OCAU Motorcycle Club forums.

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